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Capaldi Tardis Exterior

Started by Dalekoracle, Jan 28, 2014, 10:51 am

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In the earlier photo from the DW Twitter...
Is it just me, or is the roof off-kilter too?


you'll find that this is the exterior view of the actual interior set. The set only has the exterior doors attached not the full box, thats why it looks odd.

- tOM

tony farrell

Does this mean they've changed the Tardis' windows yet again?!



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Well, if they have changed the windows again, at least these are more in line with the Classic Series and New Series 1-5 versions. (Maybe even up to Series 7a?) Series 7b windows are a but fuzzy in my memory, but the ones from Series 8 on had panes that were a little too deep-set when compared to any other TARDIS prop from Day 1. The lighting of these windows also looks better. (But as we have seen in the past, these interior set "external" side of the doors don't always match the doors on the TARDIS prop, so it's something else we have to wait for the Christmas Special to see... and then see if it's all still the same when Series 10 starts.)

Paraphrasing Dr. "Bones" McCoy from "ST: TMP": "I know TARDIS engineers; they love to change things!" ;D

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