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New, New TardisBuilders!

collected gadgets

Started by silverfox, Dec 29, 2013, 09:26 am

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I hope nobody minds these being here (not strictly Tardis related) - just let me know if it isn't appropriate.
I thought I'd use this thread for various bits and pieces I am building in Maxon's C4D (as a way of teaching myself how to use the program better.)

The first picture is a little collection of objects from the third doctor's era. Pertwee was known to have magpie-like tendencies when filming and I thought his doctor would be the same ;)

There were no blueprints available for any of these things so I just tried to grab as many frame grabs as I could and make them "look right"


If anybody is struggling to identify them, they are:
a Thal bomb from Planet of the Daleks
The Miniscope from Carnival of Monsters and
the Keller Machine from the Mind of Evil


OOooh very nice!

I just made a mini-scope to place in my 3d library a few months ago too. You've done an excellent job.


The anti-matter containers from Planet of Evil (one of my all-time faves)

It's almost embarrassing how easy this was to make.
I modelled, posed and rendered it in about 45 minutes as a break from modelling the TARDIS console room.

I still have to design the labels for the top of the lids and, looking at my render, I see that I can afford to bring some reflectivity and shine back to the material.

It actually doesn't look like a physical model would be too difficult to make.



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A physical model of this would be very easy to make. All of the cuts are fairly straight; the corners are at 22.5 degrees (to get that 45-degree angle for the octagon's corners); the top and bottom are straight octagons, with the top having a round hole in it, which could be lined with an appropriately-sized piece of PVC pipe to get that cylindrical lining; the round cut-out for the top's opening serves as the smaller circular part of the lid (adding a little felt if you want a snugger fit), and a larger circular bit for the actual cap. Top it off with one of those metal electrical junction box "punch-outs" near the edge of the cap's top.

A couple of slats for the handle, with the "hinge" part held to the main body with small carriage bolts (put in place before the PVC insert, unless you make the insert removable - which would be a good idea anyway in case you had to tighten the handle's bolts, or remove the bolts of you needed to replace the handle). The top of the handle could be held together by that small dowel and glue.

Now, add some silver-ish paint to the outside, and a green glow stick or one of those super bright green LED lights you can drop into punch bowls to the inside (which is reflected nicely by the white of the PVC pipe) to get that radioactive glow, and you've got a container some anti-matter creature would chase you across the galaxy for. (Although, it would be nicer if the anti-matter creature chasing you was more like one of the anti-matter dancers in Poison's "Unskinny Bop" music video. And if you're not sure on that:

If you don't want to watch the entire vid - or don't care for this type of music - the anti-matter dancers appear at about 1:50 and again at about 4:00, so you can advance to those points and see them.)

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still some final modelling and texturing to do on these but they are about 80 - 85% complete


Not exactly a prop but I always quite liked Mat Irvine's design of Sea Base 4 from Warriors of the Deep.
Here is a DVD grab of the model in the show and then a render of mine (only partially textured and detailed yet)




Very nice! I had to model this and the interiors for the 'From the Depths' extra on the DVD release. You put more detail into the model that I of course did. I have a few photos of the actual prop for reference if you want them?


More of a setting than a prop (it's a model), but looks grand! I wonder if there's an underwater filter for photoshop/gimp?


Aug 13, 2014, 04:25 am #8 Last Edit: Aug 13, 2014, 04:28 am by galacticprobe
It's a fine line, silverfox: a model is also a prop. It can be part of the stage setting, but it's still a prop. (Just look at the various sizes of models they've used for the TARDIS over the decades: used for long establishing shots of a planet's surface, sometimes with a city in the background, or even coming out of a Miniscope, but it's all a group of props gathered together to make that "diorama" into a Hot Set.)

So Sea Base 4 is a prop as well as a model; one can be the other. (Your render also looks very good so far!)

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Quote from: rob49152 on Aug 12, 2014, 10:51 pm
Very nice! I had to model this and the interiors for the 'From the Depths' extra on the DVD release. You put more detail into the model that I of course did. I have a few photos of the actual prop for reference if you want them?

And I watched your version on the DVD extras several times for inspiration! (as well as looking at the render you put on your website)
It was your animated render that made me experiment with adding the visible light beams coming from the lit windows. Not something that would work on a space model but I thought it did very nicely in helping sell the illusion of being in fluid containing particulate matter.
More reference photos would be lovely, if you have them.

Quote from: expendable
I wonder if there's an underwater filter for photoshop/gimp

When I do my finished renders (If I ever get that far) I plan on adding some light caustics to suggest light reflected through surface water. Not somethig that would really be seen at that depth but it's all stage illusion to help sell the idea of it being underwater. Plus I'll experiment with appropriate filters etc in photoshop and add a few bits and pieces.


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Quote from: silverfox on May 24, 2014, 10:05 pm
The anti-matter containers from Planet of Evil


I've bin wanting to make one of those containers for awhile now using foam & sheet paper. I'm having trouble with measuring it, & my paper copy didn't come out quite right. Could you help out?
After I get the size right, I plan on putting a multi color fading LEDs & in the can along with some rock candy as the anti-mater samples. :D


two extra notes. "Planet Of Evil" My Favorite Of All The Other Episodes ! ;D

I found a closeup of the stickers on the canisters  [url="http://tht04.x10.mx/4h-c/d04-4h-c053.jpg"]http://tht04.x10.mx/4h-c/d04-4h-c053.jpg[/url] (ftp://http://tht04.x10.mx/4h-c/d04-4h-c053.jpg)

you could get a beter look if you have the dvd of that episode


Feb 14, 2015, 06:31 am #12 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2015, 06:32 am by galacticprobe
Elkad, could you post the image of the label? I keep getting "Safari can't open the page <URL is listed here>. The operation cannot be completed." errors.

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Feb 14, 2015, 05:31 pm #13 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2015, 05:33 pm by elkad
The first three are not so clear, (screencaps from VHS). The last one is from the [url="http://tragicalhistorytour.com/"]http://tragicalhistorytour.com/[/url] (ftp://http://tragicalhistorytour.com/) site, still not clear, but at least you know were to look if you have the DVD for clearer quality screencaps. ;D

Palnet Of Evil 01.jpgPalnet Of Evil 05.jpgPalnet Of Evil 06.jpgd04-4h-c053.jpg


Feb 14, 2015, 05:40 pm #14 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2015, 05:56 pm by silverfox
Here are the images I grabbed to design the top labels



I'll try and do some orthographic renders of the cannisters later. I don't have any plans but it may give you a start to check on the overall shape.

I'm convinced that the production team used re-purposed ice buckets as the basis for these cannisters. Just replaced the handles and maybe added a bespoke lid.
I mean look how similar this vintage Georges Briard design is...