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original Police Public Call Box signs

Started by gaijinryusoke, Jul 24, 2021, 04:38 pm

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Hello everyone! I purchased these back in December 2016 from a former BBC employee. The top sign has remnants of blue paint around the edges and is the style commonly used on the show. The bottom sign is a mystery to me. I don't recall ever seeing this style used. The spacing of the letters is quite a bit different. Does anyone here recognize this style? Maybe a prototype? Maybe from the DWE before they closed? Thanks for any help.

Note: I've bought many props from this guy over the years. Plenty which have screen matched. So I am fairly certain that he didn't intentionally sell me a bogus replica.FDD5F28E-64E2-4E70-96F7-77A04B8C76C3.jpeg2DCE3E1D-0B89-462A-90B7-7A173E716756.jpeg

scotland yard

The bottom sign looks like the signs of the TARDIS that is/was on the lobby of Broadcasting House.
Oh my giddy aunt!!


Thanks for the tip! I'll look into it! 🙏