The Trial of a Timelord Studio Floor Plan - Tardis Set

Started by Kingpin, Nov 21, 2013, 05:49 pm

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This December Bonhams has scheduled a new Entertainment Memorabelia auction, and amongst the collection of Doctor Who items that are set to be auctioned (one 80s Cyberman suit, a collection of annual artwork and a couple of scripts) is a studio plan for The Trial of a Timelord, featuring the Trial Room, a CSO area and the TARDIS interior set up to double as the Master's TARDIS.

The whole Studio plan, from the Bonhams scan:


The TARDIS Console Room layout:


The details of the auction listing:

QuoteTelevision Memorabilia

Doctor Who: Trial Of A Time Lord - A studio floor plan for the episode,

a flimsy, with annotations, and a copy, for 16th/17th, each 30 x 40 inches (76 x 101cm), together with a signed colour card of Colin Baker, and a small album of cast and crew photos/negatives, relating to the 20th Anniversary 'Spirit Of Light', Chicago, November 1983, 'Planet Of Fire' filming in Lanzarote and a photograph of Fiona Cumming, production manager, on set with an Ice Warrior, 'Seeds Of Death', 1969

Provenance: Fiona Cumming

Rassilons Rod

In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.


A little lightening and color manipulation.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


I was just going through my archive of projects I did for the BBC and found these.


Long story: I was asked back in 2006(or '07) to co-direct an extra for the Trial of a Timelord boxset. It was going be done in the style of 'jackanory' show. We were going to have Colin Baker and Michael Jayston reading the aborted script that was written by Eric Saward (the last story was replaced with one written by Pip and Jane Baker). Everything was in place. I had my passport and plane ticket, the actors were keen and signed up. The studio had even been rented.

As co-director I'd be responsible for having the actors placed and lit in such a way as they'd match the virtual sets I was going to construct based upon these plans. The other director would be responsible for the rest (like working with the actors on the delivery of the lines).

At the very last minute Eric Saward demanded more money for the use of his script. In fact he was asking for more money than the entire project was budgeted for!! So the whole project was scrapped.

This is still one of my biggest disappointments in life. I think this would have been a great and fun experience as a fan of the show.

Short Story: Eric Saward screwed the fans again!!


Thanks for sharing that story Rob, big shame about that, it would have been very interesting to see how the original Trial (that isn't the Holmes script/concept) would have played out.

And thank you for sharing the set scan, lovely.


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Thank you, indeed, Rob! That was very enlightening, and the image is amazing. (If you right click on it and open it in a new tab or window, you can see it full size which is much larger than it appears above.) Great image, Rob!

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