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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by geminitimelord, Aug 04, 2008, 03:30 am

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If we even get any real snow. Last year was a bust on significant snow fall.
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Dino, I will take some Good Shots for the Photo Gallery when the Snow Flies. Usually we have our first snow the week after Thanksgiving and right now, the first week of December, we have usually gone sub zero. Well thanks to Climate Change tomorrow is Forcast 70F more like Spring around here. I am thinking of adding some Paint to my TARDIS LOL.

evil bob

Quote from: geminitimelord on Nov 30, 2012, 08:20 am
But Visitors, contacts or interest in my box as pretty much died. I dont get them anymore. Just an old blue box hidden in the back of my yard. Nobody seems to really care anymore LOL. Like everything else, it loses its novelty.

Move it to the front yard!  This weekend we had two instances where people rang our bell asking if they could take pictures with the Tardis.  They wouldn't have if it were in the back yard.  Good thing that the neighbors don't mind!


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Well, Scott, in spite of the climate change, if you don't get any snow this year, you could always get a bag of that fake snow they scatter around the store displays and sprinkle it over your TARDIS. Even at 70F it won't melt. (It might blow away if its' windy out, but it won't melt... and it will look the part. ;))

As for moving your TARDIS closer to the front yard, unless I'm mistaken, the way you've built it, wouldn't it take a forklift to move it?

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I see sillysparrowness' Youtube video also made it onto that page. Two TARDIS Builders' great builds on the same FB page? Amazing! Great recognition for a great build, Scott!

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Yep, it was on Craig Hurle's page originally 3 months ago. :)
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Well after several years exposed to the elements the ol girl is in desperate need of repair.
Issues to be addressed:

  • signs

  • sign boxes

  • leaks

  • windows

  • corner post

  • repaint

I will replace the spines and repaint

New vinyl sign to go over existing acrylic, old will be peeled off

Sign boxes
I will cut them off at the corner posts and rebuild the fronts, setting them back to match the original prop

Corner post
Not sure the entire extent of the damage, at this pint complet replacement of one edge possibly a new post

I am going to seal the leaks with liquid rubber and repaint the entire box a darker blue.

Here are some photos of the damage:



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Sign box damage



Oh man that's heartbreaking, but I guess the labor of love in building one continues in the maintenance of one.


Dear Lord!

What happend to that corner post Scott?!


ouch! at least you got an excuse to do some tardis building. good luck and keep us posted

tony farrell

Looking forward to seeing pictures of her being restored!


Mark, the corner post is on the lowest point on the grade it sits upon so all the water runs to that point and it found a way to wick under the paint. When i pulled at the corner round in the post it literally came apart like balsa wood. Water damage all up and down that channel, still trying to decide if i can replace the corner round and seal it good or if total replacement of the corner post is the best course of action.