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Started by TG, Jun 27, 2005, 04:36 pm

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After seeing the wonderful pictures of @fivefingeredstyre 's TARDIS with the light on inside (from 14th May 2023).

I've been looking for a solar solution for indoor light as I don't have mains power to the build. I found these: Eight bright solar bulbs (used without the shades, which come unattached). I hung them with cup hooks, two behind each sign box with the small solar panel fixed to the back of the roof.
Tardis lights-TG.jpg

It's been really successful, they light the sign boxes and the windows. I'm getting at least 3 hours of illumination after dusk every day. They are staying on for longer than the lamp so I may have to upgrade the solar solution for that.


Angelus Lupus

Gorgeous! There's something about the warmer (yellow) light that works so well with a more met-box inspired design.
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Neat, that they have a separate panel.  I was wondering how they were going to get recharged enough, indoors.  I'm so spoiled, now that my TARDIS is 2' from a power outlet.  But I do kind of miss the days of having an "off the grid" TARDIS. 
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dr hue

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Great Pic.

The original Met Box used just one bulb to light interior, roof signs and 'phone panel via a glazed
cupboard panel.

Met Lighing

see #39


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Tardis repairs- May 2024 survey

Tardis TG May 2024.jpg
From a distance she looks ok but I did think the roof looked a bit odd, so I went up to have a look

Blimey! this has all happened in a year, it's just the front panel, strangely the other three panels are still ok. I expect I'll have to replace them all as they are glued together.
The plywood roof panels were from May 2015, replacing my original roof panels from May 2006 - so it seems nine years is the most I can hope for. The roof structure underneath is still ok I think.

Tardis signbox2024.jpg
Another sign box needs to be replaced but this one has been 18 years outside.
In 2021 I replaced a sign box using Mediate Tricoya, it still looks new so I hope to use the Tricoya extreme again.

A bit depressing but (like me) she is an old girl.

Angelus Lupus

Sorry to see the roof like that, but amazing you've managed to get such a long life out of your Tardis! 18 years out in all weathers and that sign box has less (visible) damage than some on-screen (classic) boxes!
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.


"Like" isn't the right choice, but I sympathize. I made the fatal mistake in 2017 of siting my TARDIS on a concrete pad when I moved.  Turns out this let water pool at the base and/or wick up from the bottom.  The base is an important structural element and I've been unsuccessfully fighting these effects since 2021, when I moved to my current location.  But that's all for a different thread.
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My heart was in my mouth when I saw that picture of the roof, TG.

Looking forward to seeing the old girl in A1 condition!




Thank you! your support really lessens the impact. Much appreciated x

Andrew Harvey

Poor old thing!!

 Hope you get her all fixed up again.


Rassilons Rod

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Jesus, that looks like a lot of work to day!

But that first shot (I'm sure I've said this about similar photos you have posted) is giving me serious The Highlanders vibes :D

*EDIT: Not the first thing I had to edit yesterday, due to no glasses first thing when I woke up ;D
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You should be proud of the amount of life you got out of that. My plywood roof started to delaminate after 1 winter!


Believe me, I feel your pain.... Hope you get her all fixed up!


Thanks Russell and everyone.

Unfortunately I've found more areas where the wood has gone completely soft.

But the really Big problem that I've not been addressing is the Trees of Cheem, well one of them, now less than a centimetre from the box.
I've got to face the issue that there's no point restoring her without moving the whole build away from the tree, so total dismantling... or hire a forklift. Terrifying!

Tardis and the tree.jpg


Gah.  Dismantling a box that old that has been in place that long...I don't have high hopes.  Even moving in one piece is fraught with peril.  The last time I had to move mine (100' or so) I was able to get wheels on a simple axle under it but I think the base has deteriorated too far to do that again.  Hopes and prayers. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
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