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New, New TardisBuilders!

I need a little help :)

Started by lastofthetimelords, Sep 05, 2013, 12:36 pm

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i am not an experienced builder by any means, but i have been a long time doctor who fan since i can remember and building a TARDIS is something i have always wanted to do. i have gotten the dimensions for it, but now i up rises the problem that i can build the TARDIS on paper but not on wood. If anyone could maybe please help me or refer me to some good building tips or maybe just something that could help me please. Sorry, i know these posts are annoying but i dint know anywhere else i can go to seek help. Thanks!


The way to be helped is to read through and look at the various build diaries.  You'll see a few builds done by people like yourself with no real wood-working experience being able to find a way to do it, even if it's simplifying the look of the TARDIS.
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P.S. You can also try cardboard, which you can get free!

i am a timedad

Quote from: lastofthetimelords on Sep 05, 2013, 12:36 pm
i can build the TARDIS on paper but not on wood.

What do you mean by this? This may be a good starting point. Wood is just really stiff paper after all.

Budget may be a good place to start also to determine a direction to go in. What you can buy can sometimes determine how to build.

Like Bill "the Doctor " Rudloff said above looking around on the site can give you ideas too.

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I am not a experienced builder either, only started in June,  but the guys on this forum all rock they have given me lots of help and  encouragement. As Bill Doctorwho8 and Timedad have said have a look at all the builds get inspiration from them and if stuck just ask.
good luck and enjoy.
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Thanks for all the help. I checked out other peoples projects on the site and now am feeling, like you said a little more confident when before. Thank you. :)


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Also check out my post here: It details how to download the TARDIS Builders Workshop Manual. It's in PDF format, and a free download. The Manual was composed by one of our very own members. While it doesn't give specific measurements, it does give great advice and suggestions on construction methods that are of help to anyone from Newbies to experienced builders.

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Wow, i checked this out and it has actually helped me out a lot. Thank you very much! :D


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You're very welcome. But I'll let your thanks flow to the Manual's author. (I just pointed the way to it. ;))

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