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How about concrete?

Started by TWX, May 24, 2013, 05:59 pm

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I realized, after looking at what the cats are doing to the finish on my Gazebo, that I might need to rethink using wood for a TARDIS to be used as an air compressor enclosure, unless I want to sand/repaint or replace the corners every year.

So, since MacKenzie-Trench Police Boxes were made out of poured concrete, has anyone seen a concrete TARDIS built outside of official police uses?  I'm thinking that a poured concrete base with rebar inside and sticking up at the posts, then rebar and a form to make each of the columns, then probably wooden doors and side panels, would make for the strongest, albeit heaviest, TARDIS.  Additionally, if a good textured plywood were used for the forms and if proper concrete vibrating equipment were used, it might be possible to both color the concrete and to get a wood texture look.

I haven't figured on the roof yet, but it even looks like it could be poured upside-down in a form with indentations for the four columns, then with manpower, hefted on top of the columns and placed.  The sign boxes and panels and doors would be applied to the concrete frame.


Someone tried to start one and planned it out.  That info is somewhere here on the boards.  But I think he didn't get past the planning stages as the cost of concrete would have been too much.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Perhaps you could clad the columns in plastic, at least as high up as cats might affect it?