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Console Rebuild

Started by timegalaxy5, Nov 29, 2011, 04:43 pm

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the mister

that's a lot of gear!


hey guys, well, I didn't want to wait until the power could be in the garage, also I had remembered that I made my console portable. So I took one half of it and set it in my room. So I turned the hot glue gun on, and started doing what builder people do. Then (Because my glue gun is old) my glue gun exploded! So I have to get a new glue gun....
Anyway, I'm fine, here is what I got done on the console. I need to get some acrylic paint also.

well, tell me what you all think



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Coming along very nicely. You've done some clever things with ordinary household items: frugality and ingenuity combined. I'm quite glad that you weren't hurt in that glue gun explosion. A friend of ours had just a little hot glue drip on her hand once and she had some horrible blistering that lasted for over a week. That stuff can be like napalm when gets on you!

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hey all,
Just had an idea that would be fun, I think.
So I was thinking to have a big knob on one of the panels,
which would point to a bunch of different labels with things such as,
'Egyptian, Roman, 1920's, Dinasour, Other Universe, Random,'
Things like that. Just to be fun. For like if someone looks at the console I could say,
"Turn the knob to Dinasour!" and that way its a little more exciting.
So any other ideas like this that are fun would be cool if you all have any ideas.


the mister

I have a dial on my console which switches to the labels which read red, yellow, blue. It's like the doorknob from Howl's Moving Castle. So I kinda assume it's a quick portal selector. but it also reminds me of River's sonic screwdriver how it has a red setting.


well hey, (its been a while) so, the console is ruffly in the same state it was, might
work on it once the weather is nicer, also, worked out a way for an extension cord
to go out to the garage. Had to do that for a heater since my art studio is in the
garage and I wanted to paint in the winter months. So yes, that means the glue
gun might be able to go out there. For all intensive purposes, if this is not the case
then probably by the end of the summer it will get tossed into the dumpster. I will
save all the switches and such, because they are pretty  :) well anyways, wish
me luck that I continue to work on this a little more to make it look nicer.