TARDIS Architectural Reconfiguration System

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TARDIS Architecture Reconfiguration System



can't find the right gallery at the moment but the BBC has some design sketches

why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


That last piece of concept art has given me a brilliant idea for my TARDIS! I could doll up a light bulb and make a miniature version of that egg for the inside of my console plinth (which I'll be filling with loads of engine components). Great find, warmcanofcoke!! You're a saint!

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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Just to resurrect this for a quick lib, this is actually a room that is used in the Doctor Who Experience at the moment. No were allowed pictures unfortunately, but I found it interesting that most the tubes are just grey foam tubing, much like the same foam tubing used in Davros' platform in "The Magician's Apprentice".

All neat stuff this television lark eh


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It's amazing what a lick of paint and some low-level lighting can accomplish. Ever since this episode aired I've been looking out, every Easter, for some of those large soft plastic eggs that you used to see all over the place every year without fail: the kind that people usually hang outside on their "Easter Trees". Those eggs used to be light-weight and thick-walled enough to etch some of those Gallifreyan symbols into, yet still thin enough to let a light shine through, especially the white eggs. (I know they look pale bluish in the concept art, but on screen they looked white enough, and if using some high-brightness cool white LEDs, you should get that "as seen on screen" effect.)

But it looks like they either don't make that kind of tree-hanging egg anymore, or they just don't sell them where I live because I haven't been able to find a single egg like that anywhere! Now all they seem to make in the pretty close approximate size are those hard plastic eggs that are split lengthwise, with one half being some color and the other half being clear - it's like a giant Silly Putty egg that opens the wrong way, and totally unusable for making one of those Architectural Reconfiguration System circuit eggs.

Still, another Easter is approaching and the hunt continues. (And if I find any I may grab a dozen or so to play with!) And with much thanks to David for waking this hibernating topic with his very intriguing info, now I'll know what to use to hang them from the ceiling and help conceal any wires! (You're brilliant, David! Too bad about the no-photo rule, though. But, verbal info is still great info!)

Thanks for letting us in on the (not-so?) little secret. (About how large is this room at the DWE? Roughly the same size as it appears on screen, or much smaller, with that wide-angle lens making things look bigger - like they did with the ST: Voyager bridge set?)

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I'll keep my eyes open too for such eggs or shapes that could be used for this, Dino.

As for the room itself, from what I can remember, it wasn't a very big room at all as it was used as a passthrough room to another part of the Experience. I'd say it was about 12ft by 12ft, one side blank (those that have been please help me here!), and in the other corner was this tree of TARDIS eggs (interesting concept, maybe TARDISes are hatched and not coral grown ;)). Up against the same wall that side was the projected video of Capaldi inside the Mike Kelt console room.


Walk through a door, on the opposite wall was a large display upon which the Doctor talks about 5ft from the ground, diemensions say about 6ft by 5ft .  To the right is large blank wall. To the left a wall with a door. The "TARDIS tree" was in the front left corner taking up about 50% of the room (though the trunk just takes up about 10%.  Id say the room was about 12-16ft by 12 to 16ft size wise.

But that's just form memory.


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Wow. From those dimensions it's roughly the same size as my entertainment room (which is full of furniture, leaving not much room to walk - or sneak in a console at the moment). So it looks like they were using that wide-angle lens when filming to make that room look larger on screen, just like they used when filming on the ST: Voyager bridge set.

Ah... the magic of television. Thanks for the info, David, and gambit!

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I'm certain the room is much larger than 12x12'. There's the tree plus enough room for a fairly good-sized group without crushing. I'd have put the tree at about 12'x12' from memory.


Thinking about the eggs, I wonder if its just simple decals stuck on?


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Decals would be my guess, especially for a prop that was intended as a one-off, and not having much screen time. If not decals, then they probably had one painter working on the one egg that would be seen in close-up, where any puckers or decal edges might show up. (It's not always that easy to put a decal on a domed surface like that of an egg and have it go on smooth. Puckers/creases are always a problem, and you'll definitely have a defined edge.)

I could see them using decals on the "egg" that one of the salvagers snatches from the "tree" since that one isn't seen with much detail, and spends most of its time in his backpack/rucksack, but the one the Doctor looms in on as he almost consoles it, I can see someone working to paint those symbols on so there's no sign of a decal.

Of course I could be completely wrong about that. (Anyone who's been to the DWE recently notice the markings on the "eggs"? Or if anyone is planning on a visit in the near future, if you can remember, please try to get a close look at some of the eggs to see how the symbols are put on. I know there's no photos allowed, but eyes and words would work just as well.)

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I would have to agree with TimeWomble about the size of the room.

The detailing on the eggs is etched into them - not stuck on.


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Thanks for the info on the eggs and the designs, maddavros! It might be a bit tricky, but a steady hand should be able to draw the design onto a large Easter Egg Tree decoration (provided one can still find such a decoration), and then carefully trace the design into the plastic with a scribe tool. All that would be needed after that is to wipe some black paint into the etching and you'd have a Circuit!

As much as I would love to find one of those eggs (that The Evil One says "...used to be everywhere ten years ago, but they probably don't make them anymore since there haven't been any in any craft stores or Target-type stores in recent years, so you missed out again, Dad" - nice kid; any wonder why she's called "The Evil One"?), I would also love to find a larger version of the concept art that Nate posted further up in this thread. There are so many notes on that drawing that you can't read because the writing is so small. A larger image would be just as nice to come across as one of those plastic Easter decorations.

Quick question, maddavros, if you remember from seeing the room: are all the "eggs" decorated with Gallifreyan symbols, or do some of them have the simple hexagonal design that's on one of them in the concept art? (Or are any of them plain, with maybe just the mottling effect like others in the concept art?)

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The Tardis Architechtural Reconfiguration System Tree Room thats been created at the Experience is a lot smaller (and more basic) than the set they filmed on.....


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Wow! I see that! (I also see they borrowed the view screen from the Enterprise bridge as seen in the first and second pilots: "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" respectively.)

I wonder if those low-hanging eggs are the same as the ones used in the episode. These are clearly bright pale blue, while in the episode they appeared on screen as bright white. If they are the same ones - or even if some of them are - it just drives home the point about how the filter on the cameras can affect the visuals from actual prop to visual prop.

Thanks for posting that photo, Dalekoracle!

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