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A lamp of sorts available in the UK

Started by darth_baldrick, May 06, 2013, 08:58 pm

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Hi All,
Not sure if this is the right bit to post, or if I should have added to someone else's thread, but this is a lamp I bought for my custom build Tardis.

It was available from a store called The Lighting Store in Norwich for £60 ) + £4 for a tin of blue spray paint in The Range next door!
its a light.JPG

They probably thought I was mad as kept looking at my mobile with the forums open, browsing at other suggestions until I found something that looked usable!

What do people think?




Looks pretty good to me.

What are the dimensions of said lamp?

Can't really say from the pictures but is it metal and glass? £60 for a plastic one would be a bit pricey In my opinion.


Just had a rough measure as its reassembled now, so these are approximate sizes (forgot to measure when in bits)

glass is 16cm high x 11cm wide

the whole thing measures 29cm from the bottom to the top of the circle bit where the chain connected.

Oh and yes, it's metal and glass as it a mains wired outdoor electric light.

Quite big, but then when it's on a 10ft tardis it's not going to look out of place and I can get a full size blue bulb in there.