11th/12th Doctor Tardis Console Parts identification

Started by timewomble, Jan 12, 2013, 12:06 am

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I think that small upper "spike" (yellow arrow, pointing at the spike almost completely retracted) still retracts all the way into the larger spike-like housing, and then drops down at regular intervals as the TARDIS is in flight. Its lower counterpart (red arrow) is identical, but doesn't move. At least I've never seen it move even while the upper spike is moving, and the two never touch (would make for a good timey-wimey spark plug-type effect if it did). But yeah; the lack of movement inside the column proper is a bummer.

On the plus side, that whirligig at the top is impressive, and the fact that it's all mechanical and not CGI makes it even more spectacular. But as fivefingeredstyre said, you can only see it in long shot, or if you're filming from a steep, upward angle.

But those are some great photos, kiwidoc! It's fascinating to see some of how this beastie is put together. (I really like that blue rollie ball thingy on that radar screen-like panel!)

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Some really splendid photos there... they'll fill in some more of the gaps I had in my understanding.

Quite revealing to see that the illuminated section on the underside of the Console isn't hollow, but solid and surrounded by illuminated tubes.  Thanks for posting!


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Unless I'm seeing things wrong (which is possible), the underside of the console (plinth?) is hollow; it just has a solid tube or walls for structural support (and from keeping the wiring hidden and people seeing through the plinth) and then that solid-walled tube is what's surrounded by the light tubes.

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Now that we've got half a season's worth of reference screenshots to work from, as well as Nick Robatto's behind-the-scenes photos of the console under construction I've begun the process of updating... and even redrawing the plans.  Unfortunately in doing so I have to report that one of my earlier discoveries was in fact wrong.

I believed that the following slow motion dial was included on the console:

Quote from: Kingpin on Jan 28, 2013, 09:55 am
Thanks to the Bob's bits link, I've found one of the knobs on Panel 6:

It's described as coming from a 1920s Radiogram, and the site lists it's measurements: 71mm wide 85mm high 15mm thick excluding knobs 31mm including knob 66g

Although similar, the knob on the console appears to be a variation design of the dial/knob used on a particular breed of Pilot Wireless Radios:



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That's an easy enough mistake to make; the two look very similar. Besides, for anyone trying to recreate this console that first knob/dial could easily be a "close enough" if the actual dial can't be found (or if the cost of the actual dial is prohibitive).

Nice to know that the actual part has been ID'd. Well done (again), Kingpin!

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A few more pieces to cross off:

PTO Switch - Seen on panel facing TARDIS doors.
This model appears to be the Apesco AV-295 PTO ON/OFF BODY RAISE/LOWER switch, with the instruction plate removed.

Illuminated Toggle Switch - Seen in lower-left corner of the "Communications" panel.
This appears to be a 232B2-B/B Waterproof Illuminated Double Pole, Double Throw 2 Position On-On Rocker Switch.  A PDF with measurements is available here: http://admin.epagecity.com/site/files/941/128905/430427/589696/232B2-BB.pdf

Philip Harris Ltd Birmingham Galvanometer - 12cm diameter at base, 10cm at top. Height 5.5cm (from an eBay auction)




This is pretty close to the Toggle Clamps featured on the console:


Made by Carr Lane manufacturing.  The handles on a number are changeable so it would be possible to get a replacement red handle.  The page with that image also has a spec sheet: http://www.carrlane.com/catalog/index.cfm/27225071F0B221118070C1C512A0A1F0900101B030010543C1C0C16190D172D252A5E475A56

I did find an image of an identical Toggle clamp, even down to it having a red handle, but I couldn't find any other matching photos on that page, leaving me scratching my head as to whether it was one they'd specifically made, or just a stock photo they'd used.


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Quote from: Kingpin on Aug 15, 2013, 02:08 pm
A few more pieces to cross off:

Agh! I used to have one of these, and a few years ago donated it to an electronics school because I didn't think I'd ever have any use for it! (I know the 4th Doctor told Harry "Never clutter one's pockets", but almost immediately before that he said "Never throw anything away." Oh, the dichotomy! :P)

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wayne venomous

Quote from: Kingpin on Jul 11, 2013, 02:23 pm

Remember I mentioned earlier about bus handles? Well....
I haven't been able to find one exactly the same but it appears that they may have been made by the same company:
This was from a late 80's bus but they were definitely chrome on earlier buses. "Kelbus" is the manufacturer's name.
Quite a rare thing these days as bus destination boards are mostly electronic except for buses in London for some reason.

Speaking of which, I've been working on some buses that have been taken out of service in London and being put into service elsewhere, so here's some modern (circa 2001-2002) handles compared with the Kelbus handle in the middle:


Can't say I'm convinced yet by those offerings, they appear to predominantly plastic whereas the Console handles are at least partially chrome.

Wouldn't surprise me if the ones on the Console were scratch made, with the only found part being the chrome section.

wayne venomous

The later ones are very plasticy but the earlier ones are chromed/machined from aluminium. Wish I could find a picture of an earlier one, they have to be the most unphotographed thing on vintage bus websites... ::)


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It's interesting that the three bus handles look to be late replacements for three hand wheels in the same spots. You can see them in an earlier post in this thread. I wonder if the hand wheels were thought to obstruct the view of the gear wheels inside.

I agree with Kingpin: I suspect that the chrome part of the bus handles was liberated from the removed chrome hand wheels, and the rest of the bus handles were scratch built.

- Peter


This is amazing!  Thanks for all the info!  This really helps those who want to build their own TARDIS console replica!

Didn't know where to order the parts but now I have links in these posts.

My only challenge now is to figure out which switches I should make live and connect to Netduino boards so my computer can interact with them, to make an interactive TARDIS console...


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I've been wondering about the serrated disks behind these knobs:


Could they be different sizes of pastry wheels, stacked?


- Peter.