11th/12th Doctor Tardis Console Parts identification

Started by timewomble, Jan 12, 2013, 12:06 am

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The two big red levers could be Vertical Quick-Release Toggle Clamps, similar to this one:





I think you are right on those red handles! Just need to find the right ones.  :)


After doing a little digging, I'm inclined to believe that the Vertical Hold Down Clamps (big red throw switches) on the panel facing the doors are vintage, as the majority of the commercially available ones differ quite considerably in design and most of them aren't annodized/finished in black.  Vintage would make sense given some of the pieces on this Console and Consoles past.

In addition to the Raytheon (Proton Pack) knob, and a red trigger guard, I believe there's also an aerial from a radio and some of those miniature joystick-like controls you can find on some Forklifts:



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Agreed, Kingpin. The closest I could find was this, which is a slightly more modern take on the finish, the offset on the handle, and the detail on the side of the assembly. The lever handle itself is, sadly, entirely the wrong colour and shape, but its the only place I've found all the other similarities.



A side shot of the lever for comparison:



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Old National Grid keyboard. Looking at the console, the same coloured keys have indicators in their front edges, and even some of the colour groupings are similar.


That red lever looks more like the type you would see on some large scale model railway controller. Up for off, down for on.  It has been mentioned some of the new controls seem to be from railway controls.
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(Having just noticed this) the Galifreyan text on the first and second tiers appear to be identical... it wouldn't be surprising if it was the same on the third level as well.

TI 2013.jpg


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Bill, you inspired me to search some railway forums, as I realised that if any of them watched the Christmas Special they'd have commented on anything they recognised!

Sure enough, the set of 5 levers at the top of this picture are Westinghouse Power Frame Levers, chromed just like the London Transport ones, apparently :-)


Yes there are in the top level of the whirly-gig.
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Not sure how I feel about that thing on the ceiling.  Reminds me too much of a kids carnival carousel  ride. You half expect it to play the theme from The Magic Roundabout while it's rotating.


Quote from: timewomble on Jan 14, 2013, 09:46 pmSure enough, the set of 5 levers at the top of this picture are Westinghouse Power Frame Levers, chromed just like the London Transport ones, apparently :-)

Quote from: marinedalek on Dec 27, 2012, 06:02 am
These seem to be the exact type of lever used for the top of one of the panels:


These particular ones are in the Edgware Road signal box, they're miniature control levers for electrically operated signal points and signals.



Whoops. Sorry about that, marinedalek. :-[. I suppose the manufacturer name and lever type might be useful if somebody wants to source them; there seem to be various railway levers and lever frames. Then again, I expect they could just send your Flickr URLs to a specialist... :)

The levers at the bottom corners of the same panel are driving me mad. I've seen claims the one (two?) on the right is a CAV gearshift but I haven't found any pictures which match - just a vaguely similar shape. I've looked at lots of yacht throttles, some of which look much more like it, but no match so far. The lever on the bottom left of the panel looks far too nice to be an ordinary "dead man's" lever.

I haven't seen any railway levers that look like the two red levers on that other panel. I still think they're adapted "antique" toggle clamps. However, I'd be happy to see a picture that proves me wrong. :)


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I wonder if the cogs and wheels in this panel actually move by adjusting the levers on the glass?
possibly? and the other parts on the panels seem to be the tighteners on machining equipment
and a possible pretty close match for the levers on another panel.
for Westinghouse Power Frame Levers



It's not an exact match, but I believe the large knobs near the bottom of Panel 5 are like this (minus the metal attachment):


-Described as a "WWII-era spinner crank knob".