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who clock

Started by the4th, Apr 26, 2013, 05:17 am

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took 2 days but its a clock . pics are photo copy's  and spay paint blue IMAG0761.jpg


Fantastic concept, love the art!
Interesting no one has come up with this already, great ideas always seem obvious when they are good.  ;D


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I made a clock face using the Gallifreyan numbers from the BBC's Concept Art page (not a fan art version), but something like this never occurred to me.

Each Doctor going round the clock, with that Classic ? at the top, with the TARDIS as the clock face centerpiece in a frame that's TARDIS blue?

BRILLIANT! I absolutely love this!

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Rassilons Rod

Great idea! I hope it's right more than 'twice a day' ;)
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