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Raspberry Pi - credit-card sized computer board

Started by BioDoctor900, Mar 29, 2013, 11:24 pm

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This may be of some use to quite a few builders

It's called a Raspberry Pi. It's Basically a small computer. It uses a 8GB or 16GB memory card for its operating system, it has two USB ports, a HDMI slot and a LAN port, plus a slim fitting port for the power. I think this may well come in handy for anyone wanting a computer on there console, but not one thats too big. It can also be programmed to have different features, such as this


You may be able to use this for a K9 Build. Plus it may be a way of having SFX in as TARDIS. Im planning on getting one for my TARDIS Console

Hope this comes in Handy



Nice find Bio.

This is something I had considered doing to. Just need to get my mind around the concept :)
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My son is into these but I have never seen one in use like this. The voice control is a bit unreliable but it's otherwise impressive. How many faces can it recognise I wonder.


You can make this do just about anything especially with attachments. I am currently using mine as a media center attached to the TV. I'd love to have it in the TARDIS but it requires programming in Lenix and  I don't know if it's better than the circuit designs already available for light and sound control. ???

Rassilons Rod

Not in "Linux", (by which I mean the operating system, rather than the typo correction) but general programming skills, yes... Probably. :)
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Quote from: rassilonsrod on Apr 01, 2013, 12:44 pm
Not in "Linux", (by which I mean the operating system, rather than the typo correction) but general programming skills, yes... Probably. :)

I am using the Raspberry PI as a Sound and Light and motion controller. The idea is that anytime someone walks past the Tardis, the light flashes and it makes Tardis sounds.

I will post the diagram and source code when its fully tested.



I've been looking into building a Tardis console with a large number of inputs (buttons, levers, knobs, switches, IR receiver) and outputs (lights, gauges) and the plan is to have a Raspberry Pi talking to one or more Arduinos over USB.

However, I've just seen this, which has lots of I/O pins, and I'll be watching that as a possible Arduino alternative (to see if it matures and is delivered, etc):

I also need to explore controlling X10 from the Pi. I guess I should have looked for something on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Never mind.

I'm a software engineer, and I've already been playing with the Pi and the Arduino, so I'm quite excited about what's possible.