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Fence Post as TARDIS posts query

Started by bobjohns, Mar 16, 2013, 09:05 am

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Hi All,

A Long time TARDIS build fantasist and lurker here. Think I'm finally getting my head around what is involved, and an image in my head of how it will all fit together by perusing everyone else's builds and pinching ideas :)

My build, when I start, will be outside and the only way I could justify it to my wife is to have it double as a shed, so it needs to be strong and weather proof. On that basis, I'm a bit worried about using what appears to be the favoured post method of sandwiched MDF and water penetration.

To cut to the chase, I wonder if anyone has considered using solid fence posts as the TARDIS posts? I can see folk have used them as part of internal structure, to be clad, but as far as I can see know one has used them as the actual pillars. It's my intention to build the Black Orchid style adapted Newberry, mainly since that is 'my box', but since it lacks the beading and detail of the other classic boxes, it would seem to be ideal for this construction method. I would then either use a router to make slots for walls, or attach walls to an 'internal lip'. Looking at posts available on eBay etc, they seem to be around 2.4metres long, which would enable me to sink them into a concrete base by a few inches, again adding to solidity.

The truth is though that I am a total woodworking/construction novice, hence I'm putting this idea out ther to see if any of you seasoned pros think this might be a good or bad idea?!


Hi. My answer to you is "it depends on what you call 'fenceposts.'"  I built a TARDIS with the idea of a storage shed as my excuse to build it.  I wound up basing my design on the Barachki plans because they seemed the simplest.  And I planned to diverge from the plan in a couple ways in the name of simplicity and cost.  One of the ways is that I used 4x4s for the corner posts.  (I did most of my build before discovering this place.) 

The problem is, 4x4s are waay too narrow.  Anyone who doesn't spend a whole lot of time poring over photos of TARDISes won't notice and for the most part they've worked out well enough for me, but nowdays they bother me enough that I've thought long and hard about how I could replace them.  (I've come to the conclusion that I'd pretty much have to completely disassemble the whole thing to do it--a nonstarter.) 

I want to say even the smallest corner posts are at least 6".  And remember, a 4x4 is really only 3 1/2x3 1/2, so you're about half the size you should be.  And even at half size, 8' tall 4x4s are HEAVY.  Not a big deal, I guess, if you're planning to set them in concrete, but I found even working with them challenging.  I suppose you could use 6x6s but I have no idea where you can even buy them and I don't want to know how much they'd weigh or how you would cut through them. 

In conclusion, I used 4x4s for corner posts and plywood for the walls with pine(?) 1x4s and such for the panel trim.  There were also 2x4s, some of that plastic "wood" trim for the windows, and tar paper on the roof, among other things.  Looks fine from a distance, a little less so up close.  I did an outdoor box and after a bit of work it seems to be largely weatherproof. 
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