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Unknown Police Box Photo Board

Started by petewilson, Feb 14, 2013, 02:36 pm

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i just wondered if it would be possible to create a new board to put all the "unknown" Photos of Police Boxes into....
So that if anybody can identify any of them they can do so easily...... ???



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I concur.

Putting them in the History section is a bit inelegant (except where there's a reason for it to be there regardless, like with "First Aid at a Police Box"), and putting them in the Met Box Catalog seems a bit inappropriate somehow.



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I've made it a Quiet board in the usual way. Hope that serves.



If I might make a suggestion to photo contributors in this sub-forum -

Post any photo(s) for a particular Box as a separate Topic, or at very least a separate Post within a Topic. It makes it much easier to either just tag a Topic as the Box being found by linking it to a Database entry, or at worst split a Post off from a Topic and then linking it.

If all are separate Topics, then one can just scan down the sub-forum and see what is found and what isn't (or at worst what big multi-Box Topics might still need to be looked at).


I think we could do with a tidy up on this board as I'm loosing track of what is still a UB and what has been pinned down.


I quite concur. See what I can do.

Davros Skaro

Feb 13, 2017, 10:06 pm #7 Last Edit: Feb 13, 2017, 10:08 pm by Davros Skaro
Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this (if not let me know where), but my wife went back to the U.K. with her daughter in 2005, first time since she came here in '76, did a tour, but while they were at Salisbury Cathedral, they took some photos & when they got back & had them developed we saw what we think is a Blue Police Box.
This is the photo the wife took of her daughter & police box (we think) in the background at the end of the lane.
118 catherdral grounds.jpg
close up.
118 catherdral grounds.1.jpg
If someone could confirm this for us it would be great. Doctor Who had started after they left, so they weren't looking for Police boxes while they were over there, or they would have got a proper photo. Which would also be nice to have, please.

Thanks to whom ever can help or confirm it, but I don't want anyone to go out of their way to do it.
Thank you.


Bob's your Uncle

Feb 14, 2017, 03:23 am #8 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2017, 03:24 am by Bob's your Uncle
I enlarged and sharpened the photo a little.
Looks like a Blue Box to me.

118 catherdral grounds.jpg

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Davros Skaro

Thanks Greg, that's what I got to, when viewing it on my computer.  :)



Feb 14, 2017, 04:04 am #10 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2017, 04:08 am by galacticprobe
Quote from: Bob's your Uncle on Feb 14, 2017, 03:23 am
I enlarged and sharpened the photo a little.
Looks like a Blue Box to me.

When things get pixelated like this, it could be "matrixing" - that whole "Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there" thing. But this time maybe there is a blue box sitting there:

Looking above the "white square" that could well be a Phone Panel sign, we've got a distinct, light blue rectangle that looks very much like a Top Sign (yellow arrow) at about the right height above where the Phone Panel would be. Next to the whole 'blue box' is what looks like a K2 Red Telephone Box (red arrow). Many times in these photos (in the Met Box Catalogue) we do see a K2 sitting alongside a Met Box. They were like the 1960s' version of The Dynamic Duo: Batman in his bluish costume side by side with Robin in his red costume. So we could very well have a Blue Box hiding down there (at least back in 2005) next to a Red K2. (The possible K2 looks even more defined in the un-enlarged photos above.)

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Angelus Lupus

Feb 14, 2017, 11:52 am #11 Last Edit: Feb 14, 2017, 12:14 pm by Angelus Lupus
I could easily believe there's a red Phone Box there (like, 90% sure) and it would be nice to think there was a hidden Police Box still in existence in 2005. Maybe we can work out where in the environs of Salisbury Cathedral this curved lane with the wall is (or was).

Edit: the power of google finds me an article from the Wiltshire Police that shows, at least in 1926, Salisbury did have a Police Box near a Phone Box.
So it's not impossible that resites and upgrades could find us with a later Mark box next to a K2
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Davros Skaro

All I can tell you is the wife & her daughter went for a walk right around Salisbury Cathedral, & looking on google maps, the only place/path I can see that looks like the area is "W Walk" near "The Salisbury Museum" & it doesn't zoom down far enough or have "street view" in that area, I've tried numerous times hoping they went there, but alas, no, that's why I thought I'd ask here.

Thanks for your help in what you've done too, appreciated.


Angelus Lupus

I reached the same conclusion (W. Walk) from google maps and, yeah, the nearest streetview positions are no help: one is too far away with trees blocking the view and the other is slap-bang in the middle of a marathon or fun-run crowd.
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A brief shot of a Police Box featured in the latest episode of The Footage Detectives on Talking Pictures TV. It appears in an old National Trust movie. No indication of the location, sadly.
Can be viewed on the TPTV Encore site if you register: Link to videopolice box TP11.jpg