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Full or downsized tardis build?

Started by the-big-glas-box, Jan 23, 2013, 10:30 pm

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Hi my name is Chris and I'm currently in the 1st stages of my build.

After looking at measurements and diagrams i feel a bit heart broken because
I wanted a tardis to stand anywhere and everywhere... until i properly looked into it i realised that when we see it inside on the episodes they are either filming on a set made to look like inside e.g. roses flat or Martha student house or its the actual tardis but with eh roof taken off and we dint see that obv cos the camera wont pan up that high.

I still dint know whether to build to correct height and have it outside but then its the weather concerns with warping and the worry and stress that comes with that after so much hard work with that


downsizing it and have it to the size of my house maximum height of 95inches (bearing in mind if i ever move there is a chance the tardis i build wont fit inside cos new build houses have much smaller ceilings...)

any views and ideas on this? what would people prefer in and scaled down or out and full glory tardis? like i said my scaled version would be maximum height of 95 including the 6inch lamp (id alter some measurements such as lamp base ) to make doors longer etc...

please reply looking forward top hearing ppl's views and opinions...


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Hey, Chris! Welcome aboard! Don't get brokenhearted over what could just be "TV Magic". (If that was the case, we'd all have broken hearts. ;))

You're right in that they probably left the roof, lamp, or both off when they had the TARDIS inside Rose's flat or Martha's room. (I believe they even did that in several Classic Series stories. Good old TV Magic.)

There are loads of builds here that our members have done at full size and scaled down (usually 90% or even sometimes 75%) because of space limitations. Others have built permanent outside TARDISes and yes, they do have to deal with weather problems and some have come up with very ingenious ways of handling it.

Other members have built TARDISes that can be "flat-packed", so they can be taken apart easily and transported to (as the TARDIS/Idris said) "where <they> needed to go". A TARDIS like that could be put in a room and have its roof left off (making one believe the roof is materialized inside your attic).

In any case, while you're waiting for and checking replies here, have a good browse through the http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=14.0, as well as some of the http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=9.0. I'm sure you'll get some inspiration from there (and mend that broken heart :)). And as the replies come in, never be afraid to ask a question. (As one of my teachers always said: "The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked because it never gets answered.")

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


Thanks for my taking the time to send my first reply ! i think having done a good bit of looking already that i want a full size version but this has to be protected so im going to have a read and post for some advice on weathering now on the weathering section..



Hi Chris.

Another thought just occurred to me. Depending what style of TARDIS you are intending to build would make any reductions in scale more or less obvious.

As far as I can remember the 70's Newbury style box was the shortest so if you were to build that you would have less reductions to make in order for it to fit in your room. On the flip side, if you went more Matt Smith or original police box then these would require a lot more scale reductions.

I can't remember who posted it but one member here made a variation of the TARDIS but removed a roof stack to make it fit inside, and I don't know how love the roof is but Scarfwearers TARDIS looked great sat indoors (before he moved btw).

Don't forget to treat us to a build diary once you start so we can see what new ideas you might bring along.