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Why the hell are there no police boxes in call the midwife

Started by domvar, Jan 22, 2012, 09:14 pm

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I do agree with the sentiment, and it is even more noticable in period police dramas where these things would have been used on a daily basis, Poirot, Marple, Heartbeat, to name but a few, programs that pride themselves in their attention to period detail (though in the case of Poirot, they were a little too thorough in their 1930's detail as they forgot to include anything like furniture from earlier periods!!).
I guess the accurate building of a PB, and they would want one to be 100% accurate, unlike the TARDIS would be both too expensive and time consuming for what would just be background dressing, also as all these dramas are now shot on location, getting it there would be expensive too!

Maybe this is the point where one of our members should fabricate a 100% accurate easily moveable box and contact the tv companies to hire it out and make a little income from it ;) ;D


Well, there are a couple of very in accurate Police Box props that are hired out.  They've been pointed out in other threads.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


You actually wouldn't need much of a prop, just two sides and a bit of a roof, considering that in most cases it would only be scenery. It also wouldn't need to be be robust, so you could probaby make the whole thing out of fibreglass or moulded plastic.   You might make an open-able phone panel if the script required it, but that's it. 

Now there's a business opening for someone...


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Well, there are a couple of very in accurate Police Box props that are hired out

Well that's got to include the Heartbeat one (unsure what that episode was all about! ???), the short lived Jericho box and that SJA version.

That episode should have gone:-

Sarah Jane rushes towards the blue box

"Doctor! Wait, that#s not like any version of the TARDIS I've ever seen, although I do remember seeing one similar in TV Comic. Must be a normal everyday common-on-every-streetcorner police box."

She turns to move away.

"Wait! that's not like any Police Telephone Box I've ever seen, although I do remember seeing one similar in that mostly historically accurate tv programme 'Heartbeat'"

kert gantry

Perhaps the makers of these programmes believe, now that the police box shape is once again so firmly associated with Doctor Who, that having a 'TARDIS' pop up in your period drama would be an unwelcome distraction.  Certainly, you didn't see many police boxes in similar shows during or after DW's original run - possibly because of a certain snobbery towards the series by 'serious' programme makers.

Must admit, every time the Newbery appeared behind the presenters of that maths programme we used to watch at school in the 70s, I would forget all about boring times tables!