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TARDIS Wisconsin

Started by antrockthe4th, Jan 04, 2013, 01:12 am

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Jan 04, 2013, 01:12 am Last Edit: Jan 24, 2013, 07:43 am by antrockthe4th
Hello All,
I am Anthony From Green Bay, Wisconsin. Late last year a friend and I decided to make a TARDIS...2 weeks later this is where we are at...
67960_4826247941403_1661481847_n.jpg547623_396555613755293_130126102_n.jpg156164_4835553574038_557071375_n.jpg262723_396699603740894_248430472_n.jpg20524_462216340480383_659943870_n.jpg71768_462224040479613_885730_n.jpg545012_10151332688239176_618922842_n(1).jpgNo message is associated with this attachment.299058_4910607370336_2041206675_n.jpgBowTiesAreCool.jpgArialView.jpgPetetheTARDISPainter.jpg481369_10151332696534176_1099654240_n.jpg224933_4915303647740_330016056_n.jpg248697_402804416463746_1366889198_n.jpg
Ok, that about does it so far...As you can see we used a 1963 as a base and modified some things we liked better here and there. We are on the final stages of painting it with the " Faux Bois " in English , false wood finish. Then a marine clear coat sealer.
Wiring and lighting next...
Thanks All!!
Done...here's the final look.


looking good! is this going to be dismantle-able? indoor or outdoor?
It's always a matter of time...


We will be able to dismantle it by pulling 4 hinge pins and removing 4 bolts from the Sign boxes that hold it all together.


Jan 04, 2013, 04:50 am #3 Last Edit: Jan 04, 2013, 04:51 am by deck5
Nice.  How does that wood finish work?  And I think I recognize my handiwork on the Pull-To-Open graphics. :)


Did you used one of those woodgrain rocker pattern things (i don't know the name of them) to get the paint effect?


Huh.. whaddya know they are called wood grain rockers



Quote from: mordrogyn on Jan 05, 2013, 04:40 am
Huh.. whaddya know they are called wood grain rockers

weren't they a band in the 70's? from Scotland I think.
It's always a matter of time...


A Packer TARDIS? :D
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Hey All,
Sorry for the delay in posting,kinda busy lately.
Yes, that is your work on the door sign, I got it off the reference page.Thanks!!
Yes, it was a rocker arm to make the wood grain.
And though I don't care much for football, I do love my home town and have great pride in our Packers. If we win the Super Bowl this year, you can count on seeing the 4th Doctor there,TARDIS and all at Lambeau Field...hopefully celebrating a Superbowl victory!!
If it works out right, I hope to make national news...that would be sooooo cool,"Doctor Who and TARDIS spotted at Lambeau for Super Bowl party!!"
Here's to hoping!!


Jan 24, 2013, 05:36 pm #10 Last Edit: Jan 24, 2013, 05:36 pm by galacticprobe
Very impressive build! Those clear windows give her a sort of "Cushing-esque" feel. And that lighting effect from the lamp, and coming from the top of the Top Sign boxes looks really cool!

"What's wrong with being childish?! I like being childish." -3rd Doctor, "Terror of the Autons"


I did add hazed film to the bottom, right and left lower window panes of each window but I didn't get updated pics of it yet. The light out the top of the boxes was an accident but I am staying with it because it does dramatically enhance the effect. The top light has a rippled glass container that emits and very nice pattern on the ceiling and roof...again lucky find at the store...
Will post more details soon...
Thanks All


Wow i saw this under Brachacki and thought another one... But i see we have a hybrid.. No worries excellent build.


I just can't get over this build - it's just one of those builds that catches your eye and drives you to comment on/ ask questions about it. Looks abseloutly beautiful, especially the lighting effects and the way you have mashed different designs together in such away that throws your eye every time you look at it - first you see the Cushing in the windows, then elements reminiscent of the Hartnell era box, then of course notice the New Series sign graphics which gives it much more of a chunky TARDIS-like feel, as opposed to a more understated Met Box feel.
More specifically though - that wooden pattern is what intrigues me. Was it something you planned from the outset or a later addition? This idea of using a roller to crate the patterns is new to me, how did you get it to look so natural? I think this effect, coupled with the lighting, is what makes this build look particularly mysterious and alien, and I have to say I love it! :D
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?

tony farrell

I'd just like to add my appreciation of your build. Very impressive Anthony, very impressive indeed!