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Right Lock?

Started by Gregory Hacienda, Jan 03, 2013, 06:05 pm

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Gregory Hacienda

Yale 706, right?


Seems like it was too easy to find.


For minimal issues in mounting it to a TARDIS where the lock is centered on the stile, that's the one you want. Only issue you will have with the newer Yale locks is they use a new key shape, so if this is one of these and not new old stock you will have to source the right shaped keys to get copies made.

Gregory Hacienda

To be completely honest, I'm never going to use the key.  It's never going to be locked.  I'm keeping it in my office, so I'm not too worried about that.  While everyone here would know the key is wrong, the people I work with, and my friends and family, would have no idea.  I could show them a bottle cap and tell them that's how he opens it, and they'd still think I was a genius...

Then again I wonder if I can manipulate a clapper to work with snapping fingers.  Then, if I didn't lock it, I could mount a mechanism that pulls the door open (yes, from the inside) with a snap of the fingers.

man... now I have to go research this.