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Turtlez tardis with light

Started by acidpop5, Dec 24, 2012, 03:24 pm

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483358_2600919080396_1707348397_n.jpg Okay, this is my first attempt at building much of anything. It isn't done obviously, and the roof wasn't attached when I took this picture. I was merely testing to see how hot it would get because that had become an issue with some of my past attempts. It is built on a metal roof "frame" which allows for a hanging light set up. This is also where the roof attaches. The frame is built of a series of decreasing metal squares that allow for a built up roof around the plastic housing for the bulb and will come to a peak with a miniature lantern I am still arguing with. The remainder of the tardis is built from light weight foam core and clear and cobalt blue acrylic. The front doors open and close and include a working cabinet for the mini "phone box". The scale isn't perfect. My mathematical skills remain somewhat questionable, and turtle isn't exactly a common size for anything. Any criticism, even abrupt would be handy before I attempt to seal and seat the sides and doors. Thank you for your patience


looks very cool! nice idea, Tardis night light/lamp. reminds me my mum has always had these basically Call box shaped Japanese rice paper lanterns, black painted wood, (or sometimes unfinished light coloured wood) with 2 different sized bulbs inside, if I could get some blue rice paper I could make a call box style one of those which in the day it would not be obvious that the whole thing (but the framework) would light up.

put that on my endless to do list d:
It's always a matter of time...