odd shaped roof miter/bevel cuts for the roof pieces pls HELP!

Started by tbronson, Oct 16, 2012, 11:48 pm

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THANK YOU for any help you all can provide! I have been alternately cursing, weeping, laughing, punching myself in the face, and doing fruitless google searches for over a week now with no luck so my 1st post gets to be a PLEASE HELP post...  ??? :o ;D

I am trying to design a storage shed ala TARDIS for my astronomy equipment. It is an irregular shape in that the final roof base will be 26" long x 14" wide using 1 x 2 dimensional lumber on end so that the 3/4" width portion will be where the roof ties in. I plan to use rafters to further support the roof.  I am planning a 14* pitched roof which means a rise of 2 1/2" over 9 1/2" run on the long end.

I have found numerous posts saying to either putty it or use a router until you find the right angle but no where have I found anyone who mentions what angle to miter/bevel the base 1 x 2 so that the trapezoid roof pieces seamlessly tie into the base and the same for the miter/bevels for the roof pieces...

Just cutting till I get it right won't work because I am want to get it down on paper so that others can replicate it and thus can't say "just cut pieces of wood until you find the right angle" and putty won't work for this because it does have to be able to withstand a bit of weather and I don't think putty (unless it's very expensive marine grade) will stand up to weather...

Would someone happen to know what those should be? Or how to figure it out?

Thank you again!


A diagram of what you're after might help, I'm not visualizing it from the description very well.


Here are a couple of diagrams which represent my understanding of the question:

Dimensions given (if I'm interpreting correctly):

AH = 14
HJ = 26
GF = 2.5
GK = 9.5

There are 3 pitch angles here: GAF, GKF and GLF - all different. I'm not sure which you intend for the 14°?
The mitre angle on the sloping edges will be EBD / 2.

I can infer that the length of the lamp base is 7, but I think we'll also need its width in order to do the math. Will it be square, or share the aspect ratio of the base of the roof, or something else?