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Wimbledon Chase Station Box

Started by hb88banzai, Sep 22, 2012, 02:11 pm

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Sep 22, 2012, 02:11 pm Last Edit: Mar 08, 2013, 07:06 am by hb88banzai
The Box on the forecourt to the Wimbledon Chase Railway Station - V28


A blowup of the Box for easier viewing --


Street view (a slightly older one as a new building has gone up foreground-right in the interim) --


View of the Box Site --


Box Site Street View URL:  http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=wimbledon+chase&hl=en&ll=51.409399,-0.213578&spn=0.009329,0.021093&sll=51.484683,-0.100679&sspn=0.006935,0.021136&t=m&layer=c&cbll=51.409399,-0.213578&panoid=rM9uNomy9NN-h4s1d_REIw&cbp=12,292.71,,0,12.01&radius=15000&hnear=Wimbledon+Chase&z=16


This is the box which features in the disturbing police box demolition footage isn't it?


Yes, it is --


The building in the background is the one across the street that was recently replaced by a much taller one.

Here's a street view from before it was demolished --





Just for completeness, here is a very disturbing series of screen captures (the squeamish should avert their eyes) --

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition2.JPG  Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition3.JPG

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition4.JPG  Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition5.JPG

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition6.JPG  Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition7.JPG

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition8.JPG  Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition9.JPG

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition10.JPG  Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-Demolition11.JPG


To quote Colin Baker's narration "sacrilege"


Interesting.  There is no "foot" on the "U"s on the phone door sign.
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.



By the way, in case no one has noticed, the Phone Door Sign on this Box is the same as Crich's.


And the phone box door had hinges on the left instead of the more common right.
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Forgive my stupidness (it is late and I've just got in from work!) but what "foot" are you referring to Deck5?

I followed the link but couldn't be arsed to hunt through it all to find what you were referring to. (I'll check tomorrow).

Certainly the mounting of the door was as haphazard as most other things we have taken for granted.


The foot on the U on the sign.


Oh, just caught your reply before turning in, which is good because I would have been pondering that all night.

I see what you mean now, I originally thought you were talking about some sort of foot on the door itself! Get it now (Sorry!).

On a similar vein, the Beeb went to a lot of trouble getting a fair amount of the original TARDIS pretty close to a real box but also missed the little rain-lip above the "Pull to open" door.

I have just had a genuine laugh out loud moment about how only folks here would notice and point out such minuscule errors that mean nothing to 99.5% of the rest of the world (but I'd have it no other way!)


Quote from: deck5 on Sep 22, 2012, 05:02 pm
The real signs didn't have the foot.  http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=306.0

D'oh! No they didn't.  I wonder where I got that?  They did so many variations on the door sign over the decades for the show (to say nothing of fan efforts for builds that are floating around the Internet) that I must've somehow gotten mixed up.
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Feb 25, 2013, 03:35 am #14 Last Edit: Feb 25, 2013, 12:37 pm by hb88banzai
A great closeup shot of this Box (sans main door handle and St. John sign) from the Film/TV true crime serial "Scotland Yard" in the 1959 episode "The Dover Road Mystery" --

Wimbledon_Chase_Station_Box-V28-(Scotland_Yard-The_Dover_Road_Mystery (1959)).png

EDIT: It may also be worth noting that in this 1959 view this Box has a Barnet type Phone Door Sign, while when it was demolished in 1970 it had one like that on the Crich Box.