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Tower Hill Box

Started by hb88banzai, Sep 13, 2012, 02:45 am

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There is a quick glimpse of this box about 3 minutes into this video

Richard ☺



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There is also a shot of the Hyde Corner/http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=3788 and multiple shots from a high angle of the http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=725 in there as well.


I'll screen grab them over the weekend if you like:)


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Found this one in the video Hughie Green At The Tower (1967) by British Path
There are some interesting views as the film tracks the Chopper as it comes down multiple times directly in front of the Box.

H12 - Tower hill.jpg


A photo of this Box from 1953, found by petewilson as an unknown Box and identified here: http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=5111.0

H12--(Tower Hill Box) Hampton Court Area (May 1953).jpg


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From the @Londonist twitter feed:


Another picture of this box at the London Victory Parade, June 1946:


It's a bit difficult to see, so here is the same picture with the box pointed out:



Great find I like it Teppic...So much  of interest in this photo (which I'm guessing must be around 1960?)
e.g. 1) Why are there two coppers guarding the box?
       2) Why is that old guy wearing a dress (Ok it could be a butchers apron!)
        3) The old guy next to him looks like a Russian immigrant (Rasputin)
Just so much going on............ :o



Answers (possible/probable)

1: its a police box. They're not guarding it. Think about it. Bobbies on the beat and all that.

2: He's a docks / ware house worker. (I would even go as far as to say an employee at Billingsgate Fish Market - which is spitting distance from where that photo was taken (now "Old Billingsgate, and a very popular venue for the likes of me to host amazing corporate events in)

3: Rasputin is a sailor. Looking at his garb, I'd say your "Rasputin"comment probably isn't all that far from "that" part of the world.

Sometimes the (probable) answers really are that simple.



Shamelessly stolen from the "Just an ordinary Police Box..." thread over on Roobarbs (it's a long time since I've looked in that thread). Here is a shot of Duncan Lamont from The Teckman Mystery (1954) with the Tower Hill box in the background:

Tower Hill Police Box.jpg


Some nice new finds for this Box, Teppic!


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Here's another colour photo of this box from around 1960....


H12 Tower Hill 2.jpg

Angelus Lupus

Had a spare 5 minutes, took a stab at cleaning some of the more egregious dirt/scratches on the colour photo:
H12 Tower Hill 2_edit.jpg
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In context with that first photo, the box is fairly easy to spot.  But coming in "cold", seeing that latest "vista" shot first, I sat here wondering, "Where the bloody 'ell is it?!"  But I did spot it before seeing the earlier snaps, though it was a challenge!