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Model Hudolin TV Movie TARDIS (1996)

Started by the_doctor, May 20, 2011, 02:04 pm

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I forgot I had these! In January 2005 the model Hudolin box (used in the titles / vortex shots) was sold on eBay. As I recall the seller was some sort of go between company as opposed to a single seller.
I can't remember the sum it was selling for, I don't know why but $800 is sticking in my mind as a starting bid.

Anyway I saved the pics from the eBay page and found them in an old PC backup. I'm guessing if auctioned now it would get a lot more interest! I wonder where it ended up...








Great reference material, I'd love to see a replica made of that prop.


Yea great photos thanks for shaing. I can't believe how thick those posts what is that four steps on them till they meet the walls? Looks nice I really like that deep set walls. This prop is growing on me everytime I see it.


That is such a great model. Looks almost true to the full size prop. With some things that probably to artistic license to it.
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I've found another image of this prop, or maybe it's the other one? apparently, there were more than one built.

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They're the same model, you can see the same dark mark on the panel to the right of the door handle.


I hope more pictures of the model show up one day. I wonder who owns it now. Lucky person won it on eBay...


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Here is Phillip Segal with the model. judging by all the paint on the worktop and behind it could have just been finished here

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That's pretty much all the known pics isn't it? I'm sure I have a copy of the TVM workprint somewhere which has the model, green-screened on a pole...


wow I've never seen that before! Get that on this thread!  :)
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Quote from: the_doctor on Jun 21, 2019, 09:56 amThat's pretty much all the known pics isn't it? I'm sure I have a copy of the TVM workprint somewhere which has the model, green-screened on a pole...

I'm intressted


It looks like Phil Segal posted a high-quality image on his Sprueverse Instagram. Quite excited to see all of the little details left in the texturing

I unfortunately had to shrink the image a little bit, but you can find the high-quality on his Instagram.
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Quote from: ChameleonCircuit on Dec 18, 2020, 03:55 pmyou can find the high-quality on his Instagram.

Well, you can if you have an instagram account... which I don't.

OK, suddenly it let me see it. Internet weirdness, or just me being dense? Who knows! :)
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Looking at the rest of his Instagram, he's an avid model maker and 3d printerer. Which is nice to know :)
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