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New, New TardisBuilders!

Pro-Built 2005-2010

Started by generalfrosty, Aug 30, 2012, 10:24 pm

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Tennant style paint scheme samples. I like them both so choosing one is a whole different kind of frustration!

tony farrell

The attention to detail and the quality of this build leave me in awe (and put the BBC to shame). I've just been watching Curse of Peladon and the internal construction of the Tardis' window frames is nothing short of crude. By contrast, your windows and phone panel are a joy (as is the rest of your prop)!  :)


Thanks to everyone for the positive comments.
This really is a labor of love.


 I'm sure that it is.  So where did you get your plans?


The plans were totally created from the ground up based on the width and height dimensions commonly known in the hobby.


Looks great!  I think the blue on the left looks better.  The Series 1-4 boxes were a little more on the gray side of blue.  Maybe use a dark gray primer and layer the blue over it?
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


I like the one on the left. I have no idea if it is accurate to the build you're doing, but I like it. 
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I like the blue on the left as well.
Keep in mind, that is just a quick sample.
The base color of that is actually a sky blue tone.
I think it's important to start with a light blue as apposed to dark, because you can always tone darker gradually with washes.
I am mixing up a wash that is a combination of blue and black paint which will be applied in various layers, heavier in some areas.
Input is welcome.


 So just to clarify,  it's a Tennant  box with  Smith influences?  Or is it a Smith box with Tennant  influences?  Just wanting to make accurate suggestions.  :)


Hello my name is Jay and I Would like to know how I can get a copy of your plans. I want to build my daughter her very own tardis. I know u may have gotten this question asked before but she just started watching Dr Who  and is getting me into it as well. Your tardis is the best looking one I have seen and I have been looking to either buy her one already built or build one with her. I live in
MA. Any help would be great thank you for your time.


Quote from: slidin_sidewayz on Apr 01, 2013, 12:05 am
So just to clarify,  it's a Tennant  box with  Smith influences?  Or is it a Smith box with Tennant  influences?  Just wanting to make accurate suggestions.  :)

This is a Smith box that is goint to be painted Tennant style.


More samples today...
The number of combinations I could make is staggering, so instead of burning myself out by beating this to death, what you see below sums up my options.

Some of these were done with a 3-color layer process, but my two favorites were done with a 2-layer color process.

I've already decided on the wash formula (all samples were washed with it), the wash is a blackened blue color.

Here is my sample lab:

Here are the results. Again, these are best critiqued in person, but you get the idea:

tony farrell

Number 9, I think!


Glad to see this build going again... the effort you have put in is simply amazing.


Surprisingly, the base color used on a few of those samples (including 9) is called "Cosmic Blue".
Fate? Possibly....