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Hardening foam (styrofoam)

Started by museumdave, Aug 27, 2012, 06:08 pm

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Geetings all,
I spent the day yesterday at the Torono FANEXPO.  I had a chance to speak with some interesting people from the Doctor Who Society of Canada.  I was speaking to a gentlemen (Jon) who helped with a very impressive emperor Dalek that they had built.   He was saying that they made the top dome for it out of layers of Styrofoam and then coated it with white glue and sawdust.  They tried to sand it, but it ended up being so hard they had to use a grinder to do it.   

Now there are some construction problems with my console that are aways niggling in the back of my mind- like the outer rim.  It occurs to me that perhaps the easies/best solution to the outer rim may be to layer a Styrofoam and ply arc- carve the contours and the divots and then coat the sucker with either this or commercial foam harder....
Does any one out there have experience with hardening foam props that they would be willing to share with the rest of us?  Please?

with thanks

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I've heard of using a mix of white (or wood) glue and sawdust as a filler (for large gaps or stripped out screw holes), but I've never heard of it being used for something like this. I'd definitely like to hear what others think of it. And I echo Dave about those with such experiences. Tutorial, maybe?

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thats the way they make surfboards so its a solid method except they use fiberglass to coat the foam with, then lots of sanding. i was planning to construct the outer ring the same way we constructed the vertical ribs. for the indents i'd precut them outta that top layer of skin then put a backing on the inside. i might try to avoid using the wood glue and sawdust, that'll give you a nice coral texture, and also a lot of sanding to get it smooth. from looking at the profile of the ring it'll take to pieces of "skin" to cover it. the straight vertical section is pretty straight forward.... just a straight piece of hard board the top piece will be more of a curve. i'd trace that piece out of paper first to work the shape out. then use it as a template. you'll still have a lotta filling and sanding though. i guess there's no easy way to make that piece but it is a major section of the console.... good luck i can't wait to see what you come up with