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Era Locks 2007 onward

Started by BioDoctor900, Aug 19, 2011, 10:49 am

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Just incase it hasn't been said the 2007 (Series 3) Lock is an ERA. If you pause it on the (I believe) the Lazurus Experiement, you will see that The Doctor places a ERA key into the lock.



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The Girl Who Waited
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


Same style lock, but chrome and clean.  The logo seems to have been removed from the knob.
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On closer examination the new lock seems to be a slightly different version: same style, but still quite different.

In the "Utopia" image, the lock's body stops before the seam in the door stile. The sides of the lock's body are angled with "U-slots" for the screwdriver to get at the mounting screws holding the lock in place. And as Bill points out the body is clearly brass.

In "The Girl Who Waited" images, the lock's body clearly extends beyond the seam and onto the door stile. It also has a distinctive rectangular body with a "mounting flange" and doesn't have those slots for a screwdriver; the mounting screws are on the flange, in the open. (Again as Bill points out, this body is now clearly chrome with no logo on the knob.)

So the Smith box (at least on the inside of the door for the Console Room set) definitely has a different lock. Is it possible that it's a custom lock - possibly still an ERA lock, but asked for without any logos on it? Or did the Beeb go for a "generic" logo-less lock that looks close enough to the Yale/ERA lock?

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So, what size/model should we be looking for, for our 2010 TARDIS builds?


** Best Jeremy Clarkson impersonation **  Right, so... I went on the Internet, and I found THIS...


It's an ERA night latch, 60mm in chrome.


Looks right to me, anyway.

At least I can say I have the keys to my TARDIS already!



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Hi! I'm new here, and I know this thread is old, but with the lip edge running around both surfaces, I am almost 99% sure its a Yale 77 in TGWW with either a chrome finish or polished out. I'm leaning towards polished because the actual chrome lock differs slightly from the bronze ones it seems.


With some work done to remove the logo:

Here are the products...


Below you can see what appears to be the chromed version I found a pic of online (I haven't seen an actual chrome 77 in person) and how it seems to differ slightly in the round bolt holes:


Please let me know if I'm being too detailed with this and the consensus is more that "anything close will do".  :)


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Well, mmcfly, (mind if I just call you mm?), this and other threads might be old, but they're referred to as "hibernating" until something new comes along to wake them up. (And welcome to the TARDIS Builders Family, by the way.)

The lock on the actual set doors (as opposed to the lock on the TARDIS Prop doors) is certainly chrome. If you take a closer look at the other posts above, you'll see that in Series 1-4 it has been positively identified as a 60mm brass ERA Night Latch lock, and there is an ERA logo on the knob.

The lock from Series 5 onwards is definitely chrome. I don't think it would be a bronze one that was polished down to that extent as to have the shiny surface rather than the textured one, and even if it was, it would still look bronze, not silvery chrome. Even though there are no markings on it could be a Yale lock in chrome. (The shape is a perfect match to the Yale 77, 60mm lock.) The questions are: 1) since the Yale lock of that type comes in chrome (as you've shown in your image) did the BBC get one and replace the knob with a logo-less one; and 2) if the BBC didn't use a generic blank knob, then what is the best Yale look-alike?

So it might be a chrome Yale lock - possibly with a BBC-specified plain knob - or it might be a Yale clone.

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