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BioDoctor900's Eccleston/Tennant Console

Started by BioDoctor900, Jul 14, 2012, 12:23 pm

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Haha, yeah, blimey. Yup its going to be displayed at a convention in September :D The guy who runs an event called Knightcon, was really impressed with how it was looking and asked if he could have it for display :D Hes going to print a backdrop for it and as im letting him use it for display, hes letting me keep the backdrop :D



Well I've been continuing to get a bit more done on the console. I've got two panels finished! I've glued all the bits and pieces on :D I've got a compass and CRT Yolk as works in progress and I finished the Demat/Remat lever. I'm not too sure about the Orange bottle tops, may well replace them and even though I printed out a new face for the clock, found that I couldn't get the front off and now that its glued in theres not a lot I can do, so will have to leave it, but here are some pics





Got a bit more to do and a bit of head scratching to do with regards to making the rim as i've ran out of wood and dont really have the money to buy another sheet, anyway more soon :D



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Nice! I like that "circuit board" touch on that one panel. Great customizing touch there.

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Cheers thats just the interior of a keyboard glued onto the panel :)



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That is clever; that is very clever! It really fits with the way you have the other "controls" mounted on the panel - almost as if you'd painted or drawn those circuit lines on yourself to tie things together. (Now to get my son to raid his friend's dead keyboard pile, and he's got a huge pile of them, too!)

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Well, I've been beavering away a little bit more over the past couple of days, as I have the week off college. I've been hunting for some Perforated sheet metal, can I find any???? NO! It's starting to drive me a little bit mad, but I persisted to carry on with some bits. So I have, re painted the bottle tops for the lights on the Demat/Remat Lever, I've also moved the lever down on the buttress so that I could put bits behind it, like a temperature dial from a radiator I found in a skip earlier whilst hunting for the sheet metal. I found two Heinz baked bean pots, with lovely sized lids for the wheels on the side of the levers, although these still need to be mounted. I printed out the labels for the cog at the bottom of them, sprayed it silver and stuck it on. I made a trim phone from some wood that was lying about, was a bit of a pain, but got there in the end, its not the best, but hey :D I made a "Keyboard" although it doesnt look exactly the same. I also finished off my Compass and CRT Yolk :D. I bought a couple of switches today to use for the double switch bit on the communications panel which I wired up and lights up using the switch and powered off a battery pack. I have also ordered a Sextant, some black tubing and some clear tubing which should all arrive this week, ooh and my mate Tom got his hands on a Hatstand:D Its slowly coming together, but still dreading the rim and the Rheostat.... :o  :'( But here are the pictures












More Soon



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She's coming along very nicely, BioDoc!

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The use of the square bottle is very clever indeed!

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Right Guy's I need your Imput! I've got 7 weeks till I'm displaying the console at an event in front of 20,000 people. I still haven't got round to doing the rim for it, I've seen Dave's rim which looks really good, but I haven't got equipment to be able to make it as well as he has. I've toyed with the idea of using cardboard and modroc, but i'm not too sure on how well it would turn out, plus how strong it would be. I'm not keen on the idea of Fibreglass, one for the price and two the fact I've never used it before....SO I need some sort of solution to be able to make it, so that it is strong, cheep and made in time...Any Ideas???



maybe you could use your cardboard and modroc idea but re-enforce it with pieces of wood behind/inside?  :)
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One option that would give you a really sturdy rim is to build it from stacked bits of plywood. Build it in sections, cut the ply at the right curve and width, then liquid nail the bits one atop the other until you get the correct height you need. (You could screw the pieces together, but the screws would get in the way later on when it came time to cut the angle on the rim.) Once the liquid nails dries, very carefully use a power saw (circular or jigsaw would work) to cut the angled part of the rim. (I hope that makes sense.)

Once you've got the shape done, then you could take a router (or a Dremel) to the angled part to carve out the dimples. Then to get a smooth surface (since ply has those odd "chips" missing in places) you could use a wide-blade spackle knife and put a layer of spackle or Bondo over it. Then a bit of light sanding could give you a smooth surface to paint and then either use a fine-point Sharpie to draw the crackle on it, or apply the crackle paint. Then just add a thin strip of ply on the inside of the rim (down an inch or so from the top) so the panels have something to rest on. The thin strip of ply should screw into the rim and bend easily enough to follow the curve.

You could probably use this same method with MDF, and then not have to spackle too much since MDF is smoother than ply. But using either one would give you a really sturdy rim that someone could actually sit on (like Rose did occasionally, such as in that publicity photo). And if you built the rim in sections it would be easier to transport.

I hope some of this is useful.

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Cut two rings out of plywood (top and bottom). Create a slightly larger ring that isn't as deep to go in the middle to create the slight curve.

Cut spacer boards to go upright in between the top and bottom rings, notched in the middle to take the larger ring.

Attach braces to one side of the top and bottom ring to fit your spacer boards.

Hang the spacer boards on the middle ring, then slip them in between the braces you set earlier.

Cover the front with chicken wire, stapling in place, then do the plaster bandage wrap. This should give you a light but sturdy ring.

If you sectioned it, you can drill holes in the end boards to take bolts with wing nuts to join them together.


I hope this helps!

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Or you could do down the route that (and apologies if this has already been mentioned, I rudely didn't read everyone's replies) some cardboard builders do and use some reinforcening spray that will make your rims (giggity) more rigid and hold up alot better.
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Hi Guys, cheers for the input, I'm going to see which I think will be easiest. I'm Currently a VERY happy bunny, I GOT MY TIME ROTOR :D :D It cost me £38.50, Its 150mm in diameter with a 5mm wall and was 1m tal, but I had to cut it down so is now 800mm tall. So I've been busy putting it in its rightful place on the console. So I got to cutting the rings and stuff. I have a Pully fixing and a Windscreen Wiper motor :D so soon will be getting the rotor moving, with it wired up to the switch on my Demat lever. I forgot a few weeks back to say I got my Sextant....yeah I've got one lol.

I Have also made a Bench Seat, It's a work in progress and needs a bit of tweeking, although it won't fit into the summer house that the console is in, which is a bit of a pain. I bought another pump for the double pump buttress and got some handles off of a Singer Sewing Machine that I bought for £8 in a charity shop. As I couldnt get any perforated metal I decided to use a piece of perspex and glue on a oven sheet, it works well in my eyes

Anyway here are the pics :D



















Well thats it for now, need to sort out the interior and mechanism for the rotor, try and find some fabric for the chair and that and try and finish the rest off

Here is a link to a video I quickly recorded of the console,
Enjoy :D



Hi guys, quick update and some new pictures. I've now finished all the panels bar the keypads which are currently on the way. I also got round to finishing the toolkit and installing my computer so the screen and SFX now work :D Anyway here are pictures















Ooh and made some sticky notes :D

Anyway more soon