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2005 Pull To Open Door

Started by deck5, Jul 07, 2012, 07:39 pm

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I failed to take any interim pictures of this build, but I would have had to be quick about it -- it's very simple.  1 piece of plywood, 4 pieces of pine, two hinges, a handle, and 14 screws.  The paint job took longer than the build did.


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Looks great!
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


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Whoa! Where did you get the sign from and what's it made of? (Or did you make the sign?) Is it close in size to the actual prop?

I know - lots of questions, but I just can't help it. I'm blown away by this. It looks, well, fantastic!

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Thanks!  The sign is printed on metal by a sign shop, though since I didn't go with the 'whoops, dremeled it' version of the weathering, I could have used anything really instead of metal.  It should be accurate to the 2005 prop for size.


I've been asked a few questions about the build, so I thought I'd post the details of the construction & painting here.

The dimensions of the door overall: 14 1/8" wide, 16 3/16" tall, and 1" thick. The frame is 1 3/8"-wide all around, 1/2" deep, glued on a 1/2"-thick plywood backboard. The sign has a 1/8"-thick hardboard behind it to bring it forward a bit.

The frame is built of smooth pine, so I made faux raised grain by running a rounded point repeatedly along the pieces of wood. I also distressed the edges and corners.

I used two coats of paint on the frame -- a really bright blue/turquoise matte tinted primer, and a matte cobalt blue top coat. The cobalt blue is rubbed off with a dry cloth as soon as it is applied. Once dry, I rubbed graphite powder into a piece of cardboard, and rubbed it flat against the raised grain.

To darken certain areas further, I used black tempera pigment powder applied dry with a paintbrush, then blown out, then rubbed with a damp cloth to get what remains to merge with the finish.

All was then sealed with a matte clear coat.

The sign itself was weathered strictly with paint, no actual damage was done to the surface. A very light application of Testors detail enhancer applied with a rag, scrubbed with a soft nylon brush to remove all but traces, and then several dark shades of tempera pigment powder dusted on that while it's still drying, and then rubbed down with a cloth.

The hinges are set into recesses made with a chisel, screwed shut, and painted & distressed. All the screws are given a bit of age, too.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Looks great deck. Turned out a lot better than mine...lol.


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where did you get the sign letters from?


The metal sign was something I bought from a fellow hobbyist.  My work was the surrounding wood, handle, hinges, and all the weathering.