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KB's met box build

Started by chriskingbees, Feb 12, 2009, 07:44 pm

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No demolition pictures, I couldn't handle that, but the deed is done, and here's the salvage
The window panes also survived, but one transom sign and the cubby hole door glass got broken :(

salvage (2) (800x600).jpg



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KB, this is truly heartbreaking. I think your box was one of the first I found when I started searching for TARDIS reference material (Google Images) way back when - even before I found what was then "TARDIS Re-builders". (Yes, that's what we were when I joined.) She was a beauty. Hopefully, like the phoenix, she'll "rise from the ashes" and stand proud amongst us again in her new regeneration.

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Rassilons Rod

Sorry to hear about the damage to the salvage k.b. :-\
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paul friday

What a beauty she was. I do adore this style of box. The original !!  Hope to see her back to her former glory. 


As this thread has just been bumped up I thought I'd add a comment.
This build, along with others such as Scarfwearers console really were the builds that set the standard for others to follow.
I, too, was gutted to see it succumb to the forces of nature.
At least she has been immortalized here on TB in photographic form...

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Happened to the Doctor's TARDIS, too. But don't worry, the story is far from over. :)