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Tips for building a custom console

Started by Jade, Oct 03, 2020, 10:57 pm

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Ok I'll post this here rather then my build thread as it might help someone not make the same mistake I made (although maybe I'm the only one who would do this)

I had cut out some mock console panels to get an idea of size. However while trying to work out the layout today I realised that I'd only be able to fit 5 panels (although it did tempt me to go ahead with this as a nod to the infamous Dapol console) so clearly my angles were wrong somewhere.


What I did was take the measurement from the diagram of 46" and took 10" off making 26". I then took 10" off the top measurement of 17" making 7" and the cutting from corner to corner.

What I should have done is used percentages! 80% would have given me a bottom measurement of 36.8" and *0% of 17" would have given me 13.6" so I was off by 6" on the top. Oh well back to the drawing board when I get some more cardboard.

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Ok tomorrow I'm hoping to map out the hexagon piece that will be the base for my plinth. I'm thinking 20 inches for each side should be good (my console panels will be about 30 inches) but I want to make sure I have my sums right for the angles. So am I right that it should be an angle of 120 degrees?

\                            /
  \                        /
    \                    /
      \___________/ <-----120 degrees?