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NST Model Lamp Cap

Started by lorisarvendu, May 25, 2012, 01:11 pm

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Has anyone any ideas what I could use for a lamp-cap for an NST model?  The scale I work at, I've previously used plastic screw-covers for lamp caps for everything, including my Bad Wolf and 2010 TARDIS models, because I could never figure out a way of making that little peak on top.


Carve it out of balsa wood?  Or is there some kind of acrylic "putty" I could mould it with that would set solid?  Anyone got any tips?




what about the screw cover with the little domed cap from the bottom of a Bic Biro glued on next with the nib of said Biro cut down as the nipple sort of bit at the top?

Might work?  ???


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Some dollar stores used to sell small spin tops that had this shape. They weren't more than maybe an inch in diameter, unless that's too large.

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