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Mystery Science TARDIS Console Room

Started by michael27, Aug 26, 2020, 12:11 am

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Aug 26, 2020, 12:11 am Last Edit: Aug 26, 2020, 12:13 am by michael27 Reason: adjust photos
This build diary is for the home theater room.  My other thread is documenting the police box, but this is where I'll show my work for the inside (it is bigger, after all.)  My first goal is to get the room usable, so a lot of the eye candy will get installed later, but there is a lot of wiring to get into place during the build.  This is primarily a home theater, so there's also a lot of sound design going into it.

I'll start off with some rough renders of my idea for the space.  The sides will use the 12th doctor roundels.  They're not pictured here, but I'm going to have the lit circles in each hexagon.  There will also be the ring of lights around the soffits.  The walls are positioned so the roundels swing open to give access to electric and network panels, and the side speakers will be embedded in them as well.

Farther down the build, I'll be including the upper deck lit circles over the rear speakers.  I plan to build the upper deck bookshelf to house the entertainment system.  Eventually, there will also be a console build, complete with working controls for lights, sound, and picture control.

Theater Render front.jpg

Theater Render back.jpg


Lots of work on boring stuff... Half the drywall/green glue is in under the subfloor, ductwork has been reinstalled with rigid duct, exterior wall studs are in place. 

Starting to build interior walls!  Very exciting!  It's starting to feel like it's an actual room.  Changed the layout for the front a bit, decided to go with speakers behind the movie screen.  That allowed me to extend the cabinet/shelf space up on each side.  I'm thinking these will be bookshelves now instead of cabinets.