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Started by madwomanwithboxshower, Apr 12, 2012, 06:46 pm

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Took the drawing and measurements to the Fabricator on Tuesday for the aluminium roof. I've looked around the site a little and haven't seen anyone mention a metal roof.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever done a metal roof and what you liked about it or if you had any issues with it.
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I've never seen anyone do a metal roof. If it's metal cause of leaks, the police box design is designed to leak just by the way the roof sets on it, you can do a metal roof and it'll help but every thing else, like the lintel signs, need to be built at a slight angle to make the water flow away from the interior. Or use a ton of sealer around everything, you'll probably need to reseal it all now and then. I'd also imagine that the base would suffer the most from exposure to the weather.


Hi to another Carolina builder!

Great points to think about. It will have a 2" pitch so the water shouldn't sit on it. I really curious to see how it's going to work out. My TARDIS construction supervisor (Husband) tells me (Project Manager) it was a brilliant idea he had and aluminum is the way to go.  The cost wasn't that bad either. I will be sure to report how it works out in case anyone else wants to try it on their next build.
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Just got word the AL-U-min-e-um roof is ready! Pictures to follow.
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I have a friend who is a tinsmith.  He has mad cupolas (spl?) for roofs, and I have often thought that he could help with a metal roof- let me know how it works out.

love the build by the way
keep it up

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Custom metal hadn't occurred to me.  Let us know how it works. 

I did consider using the pan for a shower stall.  It seems like it would be sloped, the right dimensions, and with a hole at the right place for the lamp, but I didn't pursue it past the research stage. 

1) It looked like it was going to cost more than I was willing to spend and
2) As with so many things it seems simple to find a shower pan that is the right shape but in reality it would probably be a huge headache.
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Here it is. It was around a hundred dollars from a metal fab shop, fits perfect, should last forever and all we have to do is install it. All in all very happy with the decision to go with a metal roof.
Metal Roof II.jpg Roof Sketch II.jpg
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Are you going to cut the point off to allow for the light to fit in?
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We are going to cut a hole for the light and the wiring. It's just on temporarily to test the fit.
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Interesting, how thick is that metal?  Is there anything supporting it or will it hold the weight of the light box on it's own?


Quote from: mordrogyn on Apr 21, 2012, 11:37 pm
Interesting, how thick is that metal?  Is there anything supporting it or will it hold the weight of the light box on it's own?

Not sure exactly what gage it is but the fab guy knew he was making an roof for a outdoor structure just not exactly what. So yes it will hold the light and any weight from leaf debris and hopefully a good snowfall next winter.
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Rassilons Rod

Quote from: madwomanwithboxshower on Apr 22, 2012, 01:38 am
he was making an roof for a outdoor structure just not exactly what.

Didn't fancy telling him what it was for, eh? ;)

Can't say I blame you!! :D
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