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Hiding the wires!!

Started by robhowdle, Mar 29, 2012, 08:49 pm

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Hey all!

I simply love posting on this forum :D

I am currently designing my console (obviosly) however I'm sure if anybody has done this to this extent I am. As you know I'm an electronics student and I really like to go all out on my work. Therefore I'm doing tests now for when I leave home and get my own place. I will be doing it a lot more better in my own place (I get to rip down walls and things to put in gadgets :P).

I am currently making everything in my room electric. I have a black out blind covering my window and a metal rod will be replacing the horrible plastic one. Two motors on each side and a lot of grip inside for when they turn. I am having a 3 way toggle switch to control it. When the switch is in the middle the circuit will be off. When the switch is flicked up the motors will turn one way and the blind will go up and when down the blind will go down. I hope to turn this into a remote control circuit in the future.

I intend to do this with a lot of things for example a motorised door. You can get windows where you can apply a small electrical current through them and you can tint them so your windows act like sunglasses which is really cool :D

The only problem I will have.. I do like the look of wires everywhere and sort of a messy time machine look however what I am planning to have (along with standard house hold electrics) What would be the best way to hide some of the cables? Obviously I want some to stay on show for the electronicy type look but I don't want my entire room to have cables obviously it will be messy and I don't want somebody dynig in my console room -.- decaying bodies could effect the TARDIS and send me somewhere strange...

Any tips on how to this? maybe fit it as part of my time rotor and send it through the celling? walls? floor?

Thanks you :D

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Depending on how you run the wiring, you could group wires that are going to the same general location. Use some cord, yarn strands, etc., to bundle them together and then cover them with that wire looming. The looming comes in different sizes and is available in the electrical section of home improvement or automotive stores. That way, you may have four dozen wires running from the console to everywhere, but you'll only see 5 or 6 wire looms. Some hooks in the ceiling can be used with some heavy yarn to support the looming so it doesn't droop down too far, sort of like the dangling cable look of the 11th Doctor's console room.

Does that make sense?

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