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11th Doctor's / Matt Smith 2011 TARDIS Build Diary

Started by whovian-almighty, Mar 26, 2012, 10:32 pm

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Mar 26, 2012, 10:32 pm Last Edit: Aug 18, 2012, 10:44 pm by Scarfwearer
Hiya guys,

A couple of weeks ago I started to build the 11th Doctor's TARDIS Exterior, based on the one used in series 6 although there is not much difference, but the reason I've called it a 'Series 6' build is because of the small tweaks used on the programs prop, also the windows are more illuminated than they are black so going for that one for it to be easier.
Now first things first this build wont be an 'exact' replica down to perfect detailing and an accurate size.
When I started this build I took many measurements from my dad's 1st Doctor's TARDIS build e.g. panels and base, I knew the 11Th's TARDIS has a big base and nice chunky posts so I did include them in the planning.
After a very long time planning, using ideas from you fellow TARDIS builders and basing idea's on the actual prop I managed to design some plans that would look practically like the 11th Doctor's TARDIS, easy for storage, fast to put up, cheap not forgetting safe and sturdy.

Right, I built the base a few weeks ago, using the idea of making 'lugs' for the posts to slot over I managed to make a pretty good base (well for my standards :P )
I have also made 2 posts and 1 police public call box sign box, I have part painted the Base and 1 post, fully painted the police box sign and need to paint the next post as I shall do tomorrow!
Ever since I said I wanted to to build my own TARDIS my parents laughed at me and had been joking around "I bet it will be wonky" and "You'll probably shut the door and the police box sign will fall off" and every since I built this they have started to eat their words :P I was extremely buzzing with excitement when I got this far, my dad's TARDIS has taken him over a year and I have been working on my for about a month now (on and off) I got such a good feeling when my TARDIS build has gone perfectly well, really does lift the spirit and mood :P after sitting down and telling my parents all the plans I have for the TARDIS, how it's going to go together etc my mum's only words were "wow that's actually very clever" so my ego level has been pretty high today ^_^

but here are some pictures to show you were abouts I am.

Tardis sign box 2.png
Tardis sign box 1.png
(note that the blue slanted roof at the left corner of the picture is my dads 1st Doctor's TARDIS build, rather surreal seeing 2 police boxes in your garden :P )
tardis base.png
tardis post 1.png
tardis post 2.png
tardis post painted 1.png

I'm extremely happy how the paint has kept the texture of the wood, this really helps the feeling that it's a Matt Smith TARDIS build as the texture of the wood is very visible on that TARDIS
tardis post painted 2.png
tardis base painted.png
tardis 1.png
tardis 2.png
tardis 3.png

Thanks for looking!!! I shall keep you all updated :D
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She's a beaut!
I wish I'd used your method for the post base! I remember considering that approach and discarding it, but I can't for the life of me remember why...

I also admire your confidence in painting as you go..., i decided to get the frame complete first, now I'm in painting stage and let me tell you... once the excitment of the colour wears off - painting and sanding is dull dull dull


Hey, Looking really good.  I love that post and socket fitting at the base of the corner posts.  It looks like it will be quite wide.  I look forward to seeing how it comes together.
thanks for sharing.

"I could retire and be the curator of this place,"  the 11th doctor or maybe the 12th?


looking really good. i also like how you did your coner posts. can't wait to see more of it.


I'm hopefully finishing my base this weekend and have started puzzling over my posts.  I want to go the "hollow" route for less weight and love your idea on how you did your base.  Can I ask how you built up the lugs as you call them?  You can email me if you like.


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