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Mk3 Proof?

Started by domvar, Mar 26, 2012, 09:15 pm

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Mar 26, 2012, 09:15 pm Last Edit: Mar 26, 2012, 09:28 pm by domvar
Camden (50's).jpg

This shot, taken in the late 1950's, shows how the tube station's Chalk Farm Road entrance (on the left of the bank) and the Midland Bank building were remodelled after WW2 bomb damage (seen in pics 190 & 191). See pic 208 for a comparison shot of the same view taken in 1927. The overhead wires are for trolleybus route 639 which ran from Moorgate to Hampstead.

You will notice the lack of a police box and the mention of WW2 remodelling.

And then in the 70's

Camden (70's).jpg

This would suggest that the mk3's were being built between 1958 -1968


That's a very interesting observation Dom. That box (N1 I believe) is listed as in service between 1937 - 1974. Clearly in the picture you posted, there is no box.

Can't really tell if there was any Police Post or other installation there at some point but odd there is a listing for something to be there.

Maybe you are on to something. The design of the box designated MK3 certainly looks like a later design and would fit nicely with late 50's early 60's.


Mar 27, 2012, 09:30 am #2 Last Edit: Mar 27, 2012, 09:35 am by domvar
If you look at warsaw1948  's photo stream on flikr there are images of the same area in the 30's and after the bomb in the 40's and there is no sign of a box in the immediate area.

I'll add a link when I get home.

2 mk3's at heathrow installed 1954

T69a   Box   54 /79   London Airport main tunnel approach road, east side 50 yards north of tunnel entrance - London Airport   A.R.W Siren sited 200 yards northeast
T69b   Box   54 /79   London Airport main tunnel approach road, west side 15 yards south of tunnel entrance - London Airport   


The List entry for N1 says "Replaced Post. Site on D division" so there was a post there.


The dates don't add up as the posts are dated as being installed after the box, and the posts are marked as removed in 1970 but the box in 74


Not sure what you mean by "posts are dated as being installed after the box"? 

The entry for N1 say "Police Box", operative dates 1937 to 1974, with comment "Replaced Post". 

However, since the list itself was obviously written post-1974 (it has the date "1974" on it), this means that at the time it was written there was a box there (as born out by the 70s photo).  The earlier photo shows no box, which would be consistent with a post being there.  If we could see a copy of the list dated...say..1939... it would probably say "Police Post" with an operative date of 1937, and no comments.  Whatever event caused the replacement of the post with a box hadn't happened yet.

Why can't we see it?  Well I suspect the post probably is there, against the wall of the bank, but because of the angle (and resolution) of the picture it's either just around the corner, or it is there and we just can't separate it from the general clutter on the corner.

I also have a sneaking suspicion this has been covered in another thread, but I can't find it!


If you look at the entry for D devision for the post in question it says removed 1970 but the listing for N1 says removed 1974 so does that suggest that the box was installed as late as 1970 ?


Nope, still lost me there.  Which entry in D division do you mean?  N1 was on the corner of Kentish Town Road and Camden High Street. I can't find an entry in D Division for a post in the same place.

You don't mean D72 do you, the one that says "sited on N Division"?


TBH I can't remember what I meant originally as it has been quite a busy few months since I made the initial post(pardon the pun).