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What If?

Started by Mark, Mar 25, 2012, 03:53 pm

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After the success of the Time Slips thread, and Mark D had mentioned it, here we go with a couple that were spawned from the Barnet Bypas picture thread.

If the BBC had decided to do a 100% accurate police box for the TARDIS how would certain scenes look?
Now this was before the idea so to befair both boxes should look the same, but Doctor 4 was going to get new measurements so maybe this one is allowed?
five doctor.jpg

Same Barnet picture but in the Five Doctors style.

Feel free to add  ;D


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An Unearthly Child/100,000 Bc
Unearthly child.jpg


Absolutely brilliant! I love it!

Logopolis would have been a much more entertaining show!

Mark D


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Quote from: Mark on Mar 25, 2012, 03:48 pm
Cheers Mark,

I was thinking along a similar vain when I posted them. Consider it done, although I think it could be quite amusing to do the police box full size and see what occurs such as when the TARDIS materialises inside a living room (can't think of the episode, new series, Doc 9 after the space station)

The episode you might be thinking of is "The Age of Steel" (10th Doctor, Rose, and Mickey in the parallel universe where Lumig creates his version of Cybermen). At the end, Mickey decides to stay behind and the Doctor takes Rose, who's horribly sad, to her mum and materializes the TARDIS inside her mum's flat. He also materializes inside Martha's flat in "The Lazarus Experiment".

And I love that "Logopolis" pic! Yeah, forget the window and PTO panel color. The Doctor was after a "real" police box after all so he and Adric could measure the heck out of it. In you r photo with the two almost side by side it's real easy to see the TARDIS shell is smaller than the real police box, which is the reason the Doctor gives for the Chameleon Circuit getting stuck - wrong dimensions when the TARDIS took that shape. Your version looks better than the original!

The photo in the Tomb of Rassilon is also a killer! How many more scenes have the TARDIS at that angle? (The mind boggles.)

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