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season 18 TARDIS at CONVENTION 2012

Started by timerotor, Mar 25, 2012, 06:34 am

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Mar 25, 2012, 06:34 am Last Edit: Mar 25, 2012, 06:11 pm by timerotor it again guys!  :)
The Tardis was considerably damaged during it's journey from London to Cardiff, so I was drafted in, to give the old thing another make over - and I took advantage of the time & space (prepared well) so that you aren't just seeing exactly the same thing as you did at Olympia - but a much more screen authentic look - especialy for the Convention) - that's a genuine Tom Baker era sign from all those years ago!  I took inspiration from season 18 Megloss - Full Cirlce etc... but was asked not to black the windows...
hope to see some of you there.
All the best timerotor MBH

387748_10150545637137597_602202596_11236393_286061485_n.jpg me and my boss, Andrew Beech - who organised the props displays (with a little help from Eric, Sal and myself) ;)
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QuoteThe Tardis was considerably damaged during it's journey from London to Cardiff

Oh for f***s sake... Do those idiots at the BBC not know how to properly transport that prop?  Two significant overhauls by the fans and they're still breaking the bloody thing.  >:(  At least they didn't break the lamp.

Rassilons Rod

Mar 25, 2012, 07:10 pm #2 Last Edit: Mar 25, 2012, 07:11 pm by rassilonsrod
It does seem rather poorly taken care of... Luckily our pal TimeRotor was still on hand!

And you've done a great job on it again :)
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Thank you for you work and dedication. Is that a replica Shada-style 20-footer I see?
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Mar 26, 2012, 01:33 am #4 Last Edit: Feb 08, 2020, 12:34 am by timerotor
Shada scarf... I know not, it belongs to Mr Beech! very very long scarf!! - it could well be 20ft indeed.

With regard to the TARDIS prop, it was never going to be easy to get it out of Olympia because it was on the second floor - so it HAD to come out as it went in...via the goods lift, this is NOT a big lift, so the Tardis was actually pushed onto it's side, and then got turned on its front (or back) and scratched and bashed a hell of a lot - so that's when all the damage happens - it was then taken down to Cardiff securely in a Lorry along with hundreds of other bits and pieces - and then unloaded at The site of the convention.

The guys doing the maneuvering do not know how to handle the prop and have no idea of it's age or fragility - so they can't be blamed really and neither myself or Andrew B were available to supervise, so the damage was to be expected.

What I did was to finish off the BOX - as I did run out of time in Jan 2011 and had to leave the alternate side - and start working on the TARDIS interior 1983 set construction.
So what you see here would have been at the back of the box as seen at Olympia, which did look beyond help at first...  the doors open left in first  a la 'season 18 and I mended the lintel above the door and replaced the black hole with a genuine season 18 sign - so as to give the fans something a little different (I wouldn't have liked it if it was EXACTLY the same as had been seen already),  the door sign has larger text (as noted when, discussed with fans etc) I added the door handles - to which Adric refers to in full circle as not being on he same level and used more accurate paint colours.
it was a real HIT! - MORE popular than the series 5 Matt Smith BOX!
Thanks for your kind comments, I greatly appreciate them, and hope you can all go to see it in it's new home in June and enjoy the now completely restored (base plinth omitted - although I did work on it a bit...) Tardis!
TTFN, MBH timerotor :)457422955_5a4b66cc48_z.jpgblog_damage-report-1a.png
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I didn't have the opportunity to go to the event, but can i just say the prop display looks brilliant in the photographs, and well done to you Mark, and your fellow prop people for putting on a brilliant diaplay there. The box looks marvellous, as does everything else! Any chance of some more piccies so we can see the various props that were on display?


Mark D


I forgot to say, thanks once again for the restoration work Rotor, without your efforts she'd look an even worse state than she was back when she was hanging around BBC TV Centre.  Once again, you rock.


Looks awesome (again) Mark. I love the scarf in the door - brilliant!



Hey Mark, great work!

Living in Sydney, it's a bit of a trek for me to get over the see the box in the flesh! :) So can somebody tell me if the castors are always visible when it's on display at the conventions etc....?

I managed to set my castors back inside the base so they aren't visible, but the box still "floats" about 15mm off the deck! Judging by these pictures It seems that better men than I have also built a hover-TARDIS!

and by the way good to get a better look at the paint job! Top notch!


I look forward to the new Display later in the year so that I can see this beauty for myself! I both admire envy your brilliant work....


thanks guys, very much appreciated. :)

...sorry no tape measure was to hand...

- the casters are (were) separate, but...

the TARDIS was placed onto a wooden trolley many years ago, but the two have sort of merged now, and there is so little left of the original base structure (due to decay, fans pulling parts off and there are even reports that the back -which you see here was sawn off entirely once upon a time....look at how the posts literally hang suspended over the edge!) so it seems to have been built up and reinforced on top of the trolley (when I started work on it last year, I could see immediately that someone before me had started to use the strong wooden trolley to bolster out the appearance of the decayed base plinth - so I just did the same so at least it looks better than it did...) - thus they are now inseparable, unless MAJOR reconstructive work were to be undertaken ( but there' no need for this - or budget - and you would risk damaging the entire thing completely so why do it, the structure is sound and much to the contrary of previous experts reports, it's in better condition than
Andrew Beeches and is as solid as a rock!) so yes a TARDIS on wheels forever... it is!
see pics and look at base
tardistoday.jpgget-attachment-8aspx.jpg  this is the SAME side of the prop before and after restoration treatment. to the left 2006 & right 2012
MBH Timerotor  ;)
living, learning, loving, refurbing, & preserving!

kert gantry

Seeing this prop was an undisputed highlight of the Who Experience for me and my friends.  Looked like it had been kept in cotton wool since the early 80s!  Fascinating to see just how much hard work you've put in to create that illusion, so thanks. 

I guess the old girl will always be fragile; long may you be nearby to keep an eye on her.     


Same here... That and the 1983 Console... the first time I went was on one of the previews and was blown away by it.

Will you be following the Experience to Cardiff Mark?


Mar 29, 2012, 10:50 pm #13 Last Edit: Mar 29, 2012, 10:54 pm by timerotor
Alas, no... I am a Londoner, and have my business in town.
I am probably going to help set everything up in Cardiff, but I will then have to cut my ties with it. (gosh I found it very hard when we dismantled Olympia, but I know I will really enjoy going to visit the experience as I used to enjoy going to Longleat!)
I shall naturally visit often and be a phone call away if anything needs a touch up or fixing! (Plus I own a few exhibits, which I will want to visit and make sure they are being looked after WELL!  ;))
Cheers guys! OOOOoooh.... one more point of interest!
on this close up picture you can see a little scar from a door handle which is clearly seen on WOGAN and Blue Peter on the Trial Of A TimeLord DVD extras on the first disk! - I found that fascinating and didn't completely cover it up as it's nice to see a little bit of history remain on the prop! and there is plenty of pink paint on it too! (happiness Patrol). ;)
can't wait until it's all up and running!

MBH timertor  ;)
living, learning, loving, refurbing, & preserving!

Rassilons Rod

Interesting to notice that gap around the phone panel. Not seen that before on an original prop. Was that phone panel from the Newberry or was it just one of the alternate ones from this TYJ?
In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.