The Jason's 13th Doctor Console (panel 1 remodel complete!!)

Started by 13drwho, Mar 13, 2012, 02:05 am

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@Cardinal Hordriss. That's a good idea. The problem is I don't know if either of those things have a name. I'll have to think about it.

I want to make one of the panels in the console base open to technical looking stuff. I thought about putting a magnet on this and mounting it to a tray behind the hatch with lots of other technical looking stuff.

I want people to walk in and see an open hatch with missing parts and tool scattered around the floor by the panel like I'm in the middle of working on my broken TARDIS.


I'm really excited about this upgrade. I've done a big upgrade on the TARDIS' time rotor. I want to give more of an illusion of the up and down motion by using Neopixel lights controlled by a microprocessor.

It has a landed/standby mode and a flight mode. Here is a quick YouTube video of it in action. By the way, the dematerialization sound is coming from the console.

Cardinal Hordriss

Oh awesome! I'd love to do that with mine.
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@Cardinal Hordriss Thank you!!! I think the moving pattern LEDs are a reasonable substitute for actual movement. When I made the console I knew there was no way I was going to make a moving time rotor. It was way beyond my skills. Now I can't try it, even if I want to, because of the structure of my console. I think this was a good compromise!

Thank you for all the comments and likes!!!


If I ever get back to working on mine this is what I'll likely do as well. It looks awesome.


@Jade Thank you. It was actually pretty easy to do. Good luck on yours.