The Jason's 13th Doctor Console (panel 1 remodel complete!!)

Started by 13drwho, Mar 13, 2012, 02:05 am

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I have always wanted to build a TARDIS console, ever since I was a teenager. When I bought my house I decided to make one room my TARDIS room.  I have been researching it forever.  I have bought a million switches and stuff knowing that one day they would be for my console.This year I finally started on the console.

So far I have built the base. It is in two sections that will latch together (an idea I got from here). I have built the two structures and done some sanding. The picture I have attached is pre-sanding. I have also painted the access panels. I hope to finish the sanding this week in the evenings and paint the sections this weekend.

After that I will start on the top. I have done a lot of planing and modeled the top with software, but the odd angles are a little intimidating. Take a look and let me know what you think.

console progress, base small.jpg


A solid start you've got there.  I gather this will be more of a custom console rather than a TV-based model?
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That's an excellent base. It could make any console from the Pilot episode up to "The King's Daemons" - the last time this kind of console base was seen on screen. (And no, I'm not counting the extra "fat" base used for the Troughton TARDIS scenes in "The Two Doctors". I can't remember if we ever figured out why it was so much bigger in that episode.)

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Well that's looking great! (I have something of a soft spot for consoles :)).
When I built the top panels for mine, I built the frame first and cut the sloping panels to fit. I didn't measure any angles.
I made the outer edging a little higher than the triangular upright supports, so the panels just sit in the top and don't slide off. I've only ever needed to hold them in place for transport.

Dino, I believe the Two Doctor's console was larger because it was built around the five doctors console base(!), as a temporary thing for that one story. Purple was referring to this some years ago in this article:



I am styling my design around the early consoles (Doctor 1 to 5), but it will be an original design. It will have elements from all the consoles, but the biggest influence will be the fourth Doctors console (think "The Ribos Operation").

Part of the reason it will be my own design is space. The top of the console will only be 4.5 feet in diameter as opposed to 7 feet. MY design also takes into account my mediocre wood working skills.

Thank you all for your kind comments!!


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Here are some images of the digital model of the design of the top peice. The control panels will bolt to the panels that make the frame. Take a look.

The whole assembly
hexagon assembly full no paint.JPG

The Assembly missing one panel to show the inside
hexagon assembly missing panel no paint.JPG

The whole assembly "painted"
hexagon assembly full.JPG


Woo! Just spotted this - really nice plinth build!

I'd love to hear a bit more info on how you built this - particularly the bevelled panels, and how you're connecting the two halves together.

I know what you mean about the odd angles for the top bit. They are rather daunting. Crispin's advice is good - if you've built the framework for the top, you can then build the panels to fit. If you're working it all out in 3D, I don't think you'll have too much to worry about, though.

I also really like the way your panels fit onto the frame. You might want to think ahead slightly to the controls - if you're planning on a classic-style large lever or two, the workings for these can sit quite low at the back. You may want to check you have enough depth in the frame to allow for this.

Awesome stuff - very inspiring!


I have painted the access panels and primed the two halves of the console base. I also modeled the full console, minus the time rotor and the controls. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Primed Base
console progress, base primed.jpg

Painted Access Panels
console progress, hatches painted.jpg

The 3D Model of the complete design
TARDIS Console Complete Assembly.jpg


why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


As things are drying I have taken a little break to work on some detail pieces. I am working on the large levers from the classic consoles. I built a wooden prototype and made a mold of the base. From the mold I made five bases. I went a head and completely built the wooden prototype. The five that are in process will have molded plastic bases, acrylic pivot pins, and aluminum arms. The wooden prototype will be used on the console, but it will be put on one of the back panels away from the entrance to the room so that the side facing the door has the higher quality controls.

TARDIS Lever Prototype.jpg


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Even that prototype looks pretty darned good! I wouldn't hide it too far back. Someone would have to get their face pretty close to that control (and the console) to notice any flaws that you think the prototype might have. (And if it was my TARDIS and someone was getting their face that close, I'd get my face between theirs and the console and pull a Doctor-esque "Looking for someone?" on them! ;D)

It looks great. Embrace your prototype!

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I just finished the first real lever. This one has a molded plastic base and an aluminum lever arm. The knob and pivot pin are wood, but you really can't tell. I think it looks much more realistic than the prototype, which is all wood. I have the material to make four more, but they will have a shorter lever arm and a smaller knob. Take a look and let me know what you think...

TARDIS Lever.jpg


Thank you all for your supportive comments. I plan to stop messing with the detail pieces this week and get back to the actual console work. I plan to paint the base and start work on the top next weekend. I have been waiting on the primer on the base to cure before I started actual painting but it should be perfect by now!!


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That lever looks fabulous. I can't wait to see more of the "under construction" console photos. Keep up the great work!

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I'm starting to get really excited, it's starting to look like a console... sort of. I started work on the top this week. I didn't get very far, I just measured, marked, and cut the main hexagon.

console progress, top hexagon.jpg

After that I went back to the base a little. Everything was pretty dry, so I mounted the access panels on the base halves and it was looking pretty good so I took some photos.

console progress, base complete.jpg

It was looking pretty good so to get a sense of the size I decided to put the hexagon on top of the base halves. Nothing is secured but you get a sense of the scale and overall look. I know the scale is not correct, but it was pretty much decided by the size of my TARDIS room.

console progress, base with top hexagon.jpg

All that is left on the base halves is to install the hardware that clamps them together and drill the pass through and guide pin holes for the top section. Take a look and let me know what you think!!