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Chicken Coop Tardis (2010 NST)

Started by daveninja, Mar 08, 2012, 04:29 pm

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Oct 03, 2012, 01:38 am #15 Last Edit: Oct 03, 2012, 01:44 am by daveninja

Tardis_chix_coop 002.jpg
Long shot of coop and run

Tardis_chix_coop 003.jpg
Roof with undersized solar lamp

Tardis_chix_coop 004.jpg
secure run with flap door to less secure run

Tardis_chix_coop 005.jpg
ramp from run to coop

Tardis_chix_coop 006.jpg
left egg door

Tardis_chix_coop 007.jpg
right egg door

Tardis_chix_coop 008.jpg
closed egg doors

Tardis_chix_coop 009.jpg
left side (side with egg doors)

Tardis_chix_coop 010.jpg
full shot of tardis coop

Tardis_chix_coop 001.jpg
door from coop to run (from inside coop)


Oct 03, 2012, 01:39 am #16 Last Edit: Oct 03, 2012, 01:47 am by daveninja
Tardis_chix_coop 011.jpg
Front with windows closed

Tardis_chix_coop 012.jpg
Front with windows open

Tardis_chix_coop 013.jpg
Pull to Open door open. view of roost window

Tardis_chix_coop 014.jpg
pull to Open door closed

Tardis_chix_coop 015.jpg
bolt to lock front left side door

Tardis_chix_coop 016.jpg
front bottom doors closed

Tardis_chix_coop 017.jpg
view of coop with top doors open

Tardis_chix_coop 018.jpg
front bottom door open (storage space for pine shavings and Sweet PDZ)

Tardis_chix_coop 019.jpg
view of windows from inside of coop

Tardis_chix_coop 020.jpg
view of back vents from inside coop. for ventilation while windows are closed


Oct 03, 2012, 01:40 am #17 Last Edit: Oct 03, 2012, 02:16 am by daveninja
Tardis_chix_coop 021.jpg
The roost, poop tray and egg boxes. The 'poop tray' is a shallow shelf that holds Sweet PDZ, a granular substance that is used in horse stalls to absorb the horse pee and block the smell. In the tray it works like cat litter to make the chicken poop scoop able and less smelly

Tardis_chix_coop 022.jpg
Since my tardis's doors open out instead of in, i needed a different type of night latch lock

Tardis_chix_coop 023.jpg
shot of the front with all 4 doors (2 upper, 2 lower) open

Tardis_chix_coop 024.jpg
Inside the coop. I plan to eventually add another higher roost across the back


Suddenly, I wish I was a chicken.

I like the roost window! Kudos!


Looks great!
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff


Think Geek just linked this onto facebook


I think all chickens should be housed this way.

Very nice.


wow 3 times in days you've been linked on facebook now Dave, and one of those times was the actual doctor who page (could be more links, but can only tell you what I have seen).

Congratulations you're famous!
.... well your Tardis is. ;)


yeah its crazy seeing my coop pop up everywhere. I cant wait to read all the comments


The Tardis coop survived the winter. It was leaking enough somewhere along where the roof hit the back so i threw a tarp (with a hole cut out for the lamp) over it for the last few months. Before next winter, i'll have to put some roof leak repair goop on the back/roof and touch up the paint. The chickens are doing great. Went through molting and started laying eggs again