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Gateshead Box

Started by domvar, Mar 05, 2012, 06:03 pm

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Now that one really is a TARDIS moment, The smugglers maybe?

Do you think that is the original door or a replacement (from someones house!)?


I'm trying to work out the exact location as it looks remote enough to possibly still be there


ooo, that's and interesting thought. Almost remote enough for the powers that be to have forgot  ;D

That would be an amazing find Dom.

wayne venomous

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Nice find!

I know Gateshead very well and Unfortunately I doubt very much this is still around. There's been lots of redevelopments in Gateshead, i.e. The Metro Centre, The A1 Western Bypass, even during the 1960's things like the multi-storey car park (the one that was featured in the movie Get Carter) As the road sign points to Gateshead, Washington, Birtley and Lamesley, I suspect it's Harlow Green.

A Google image search for "Harlow Green Police Box" brings this up: GL008352.jpg
Note the 1960's housing estate - perhaps this was a replacement?

EDIT - it's not Harlow Green (I was pretty close though!) it's Wrekenton according to Gateshead Borough Police's website: http://www.gatesheadboroughpolice.com/policestations.htm
It says the first photo in this thread was taken in 1955. It'll be long gone then!

From the same website there's also this:
Bensham Bank junction with Elysium Land - Circa 1945

And this:
Belle Vue Terrace - Adjacent to Blyth Terrace Police Station - Circa 1970


The box was actually at Wrekenton but it was Gateshead Police I have looked on google maps but I can't find where it would have sat

wayne venomous

Yeah, Gateshead-Wrekenton-Washington, it's all a bit of a blur when it gets near the edges!

Judging by the position of the direction sign and the fields (I think) in the background, I reckon it's around where the roundabout on the Angel Of The North turn off from the A1 now is.


I have emailed the guy who runs the site to see if he knows where it was. It is looks more like a bit of the roman road that runs through wrekinton itself to me.


Quote from: domvar on Mar 05, 2012, 06:03 pm
gatesheadBirtley Box_25.jpg

Wouldn't this 4-way be a clue, like a registered landmark or something?
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Quote from: domvar on Mar 06, 2012, 07:27 pm
The box was actually at Wrekenton but it was Gateshead Police I have looked on google maps but I can't find where it would have sat

I took a look myself, and locate a small brick building in the wrekenton area that is somewhat consistent with some Brick Police Boxes I have seen in other cities. Its possible the box got upgraded at some point when the area population increased.

What do you think?



I used to be the beat bobby for Wrekenton back in 77 and can confirm that this box had long gone before I started However the Harlow Green box, if you can call it that, was still in use. As for the exact location of the origional picture post I believe that it was actually at Eighton Banks which is slightly south of Wrekenton, was very rural  and remote and was almost bang in the middle of where the four signposts point to.



Nice colour photo of a very large box on Askew Road around 1969 according to https://www.gatesheadpolice.org/policestations.htm
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