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Northampton Box

Started by domvar, Mar 05, 2012, 05:57 pm

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I do like this style of boxes, but of course being from Sheffield I am biased!

It appears this particular design was more widespread than most others, even if one or two had a different style of roof altogether.

The sign giving members of the public is very similar to the Sheffield version which now lives on the wall opposite the reception area of the Police and Fire museum.

I did have a picture but not to hand.


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As it turns out, Northampton also had Police Pillars (PA1).
I'm not sure if they moved to the PA3 style just yet, it only takes one photo or postcard to confirm it after all.

This PA1 Pillar shows up on Gold Street in 1955.

Source: francis frith

Here is the map extraction from 1963 confirming the location.
The photo is looking due West down Gold Street as seen from just in front of the church.


Another PA1 Located just a Block East of the Gold Street Pillar.
This one is in front of the Guild Hall, hidden in the photo by the Motorcycle, in 1955.

Source: Francis Firth

The Map Extraction from 1963 show the PTP in place.
PTP - Guild Hall - 1963.jpg

Here is another PA1 at Mayorhold in 1959.


The Map extraction from 1963.
It appears the photo was taken looking west.

Mayor Hold - 1963.jpg

Another Pillar indicated at the Northwest Corner of Towcester Road & Rothersthorpe Road in 1963, per the map extraction.

PTP - Towcester Road & Rothersthorpe Road - 1963.jpg

I also have questions about what they call the "Police Office" on the island at the junction of Parkfield Ave & Gloucester Ave.
Its possible this was a tiny brick building, or maybe it was a Box as in the first photo. I'm haven't found a picture to confirm what it was. However the Island doesn't look all that large.

Police Office - Parkfield Ave & Gloucester Ave.jpg


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A few more shots of that first PA1 Pillar opposite All Saints Church, including a couple in colour:

Photo dated 1956 --


Colour postcards taken circa the mid-to-late-1960s --

Northampton--All Saint's Church Post--c1960s.jpg

Northampton--Drapery-All Saint's Church Post--c1960s-2.jpg

It's in the lower left corner, with only the lamp and part of the phone section visible, including the red speakerphone sign.

As you can see, not the usual Post Office Red for the PA1. First looks like a grey-green, second almost a Met blue. As the first is a fairly course half-tone print, it could very well have been the same colour as the second before processing. Alternatively, there could have been a repaint between the two.


In Dallington, Northampton. This box was moved after outrages locals and Earl Spencer Demanded it be moved to a more "suitable" location.

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