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need 1929 Mackenzie Trench police box plans

Started by audion_1908, Feb 28, 2012, 12:27 am

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I am planing to build a mark 2 1929 Mackenzie Trench police box to house some working steam-punk hydro control gear, and be a small electronics workshop I already have loads of antique toggle and knife  switches fuses and Bakelite round pin plugs. I have designed most of the control electronics and hydro, the hydro generator will be made of wood and float on a local river and will even use wooden peg gears, and car alternators rewound for 120v dc, I am good with wood and I will probably have a group of volunteers to help with the woodwork.but I need help with the met box as I am having trouble finding good met box plans

I will have to build it in about 2 weeks in July as it needs to be working then!

I will be glad for any help with the plans


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Hi there Audion,

I always get these Mark I/Mark II bits confused. Are you talking about the Barnet type of Crich type? Crich is nearer the Mackezine Trench blueprints that were floating around whereas Barnet has slightly different roof stacks and signs essentially?
Crich & Barnet Model copy.jpg

This should give you an idea of what I mean. The Barnet style is to the right (although the one used here is a model but is pretty accurate).

I'll have a rummage around my hard drive (lost all my original stuff so am trying to re accumulate everything!) and see what if I can find what you need.

Sounds an interesting project. I like the idea of the steampunk gear. Are you going to give us some build pictures? Be nice to see.


I am after the Mark II 1929 Mackenzie Trench design but I dont think there is to much difference between the mk1 and 2.
I will try to take lots of pics as I build it
Barnet vs Crich?


Quote from: audion_1908 on Feb 28, 2012, 12:27 am

I will be glad for any help with the plans

You should find a lot of helpful stuff in this part of the forum


There is a sketch up model of the crich box knocking around somewhere that has very good dimensions on it for you to work from can some one else add a link to it in the met box section as I don't have it to hand at the mo.


I think this is the one you are talking abut Dom, the one originally started by Anita but then continued by her husband Anson


I wasn't actually looking for this particular thread (missed the repository, dunno how) as I'd seen the Met Box on one of his other posts. There are some great models on this thread of the TARDIS varieties.

I've managed to get a copy of my original sketchup model (thank you Anson) so I'll figure a way to post that up here so others can use it if its any good to anybody.


Apparently the link given within the thread I gave no longer works.

Sorry, I should probably have checked  if first.

I'll have a look at putting my  box on this Google Sketchup Warehouse thing. Not used it before so bear witth me.   ???


Quote from: Mark on Feb 28, 2012, 01:18 am

Crich & Barnet Model copy.jpg

This pic also shows a marked difference in the width of the sign box as well supporting the different ring beam theory


Here's the Sketchup Met box I made;


I removed it because I'm pretty sure it was used as the basis for a 3D printed model that went on to be sold on ebay.
Lot's of people downloaded it but never rated it >:(


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That is bang out of order (the ebay thing).

Would you mind putting it in a thread in the metbox reference forum here so that it is easy to find


Cheers Anson your hard work is appreciated here!!!


Someone nicked it and sold it on ebay!

I hope you reported them to who ever you are supposed to.

Anyway, now it's back there I've rated it. Definately a five star model  :)


thanks all of you for you help ;D, now all I have to do is convert all the info into a build plan that can be used with a group of volunteers ???


anyone know what shade of blue was used in the 1930s ?


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Looking at some of the old photo's (which are obviously annoyingly in B&W) the boxes seem pretty much very dark.

When I was a wee lad I first went to the Tramway museum at Crich and saw the Police Box. It was a very dark blue and being of the age I was, I might have borrowed a little bit of flaking paint from said box. I laminated it to stop it breaking so one day I could get an exact match at a paint shop.

It's hard to give a correct comparison because everybodies computer screen may be slightly different and any picture taken shows the blue colour differently depending on the weather conditions but this picture of KB's build looks just about the right colour for me.

Not sure if you've seen Chris' build http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=491 but worth a visit. Nice bloke and nice build.

Not sure how solid you intend to make your build but when I made the original plans for my full sized one (which I still haven't started) I aimed for same sized thickness of walls and far from collapsable.

The plans aren't quite complete but if you want a copy for your own use/research drop me a pm with an email and I'll send you some scans.


I will try to make it look the part on the outside, but it cant be too heavy as it will have to be moved each year! and I only have scrap wood for the build and hand tools, I will be building it as soon as I setup the sites dc power