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The Windows - how do they do it?

Started by whovian-almighty, Jan 26, 2012, 08:38 pm

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Something that has not been discussed, and that is how do they make the windows on the 11th doctor's TARDIS Police Box be black/tinted/smoked the next lit up bright white?  ??? we obviously can't see through the black windows, so how do they do it? currently in the stage of building the 11th's TARDIS so would be nice to know how they did it.

Discuss please...
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I think all they do is swap out the windows between one type and another depending on the shot that's needed.  The TARDIS props are practically flatpack anyway that it doesn't seem much of a leap in the design process to make the windows removeable.


I don't know, but you know how they have those black films that they can put over the headlights of your car to make a custom look?  Those look black during the day but when you turn on the lights behind them they look lit up.  You can do a lot with window tinting films.
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This thread here might provide some ideas: Also, there are some really great reference photos of the Smith Box before it's assembled in the 2010 section of the TARDIS Reference, especially in these threads:

There is a lot of into in that section, so besides those areas, have a good look around the entire section:

Hope this was helpful.
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Dino's got the best list of help sources there. But, in short. The windows of the Smith box is a 3-tiered construction. There is a window-sized EL sheet (provides light) in the back, with a T shaped opaque black plastic sheet on top, covered by clear glass on top (This is why panels 4 and 6 look grey, as you are actually seeing the EL sheet). The black plastic can be removed to provide full window illumination.

I invested a lot of time in my build recreating this effect without the need to remove the black everytime I turn on the lights, and I'm pretty happy with the result - you can see how I did it on my build thread ;).
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