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Weatherproofing in a can

Started by mordrogyn, Jan 14, 2012, 09:30 pm

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Quote from: mordrogyn on Apr 19, 2012, 10:09 pm
Well. My test wood has been sat outside for the last 3 months through all kinds of weather, the paint hasn't chipped or bubbled yet. 

good to hear!

I had to put some gorilla tape on my tardis (its a chicken coop and there was a week of sudden rain and i wasnt done waterproofing the top) and when i pulled it off, the blue paint and the primer came off at some spots but the rubberizer remained attached to the wood. it wasnt a big surprize since that tape is very sticky and the patches should be easy to repaint. I wish i would have had more time so i could have used more rubberizer on the "top of tardis"-"roof" innerface. I was on a deadline (chickens were stinking up the house) and couldnt deal with that much repainting.


Well... I've given it a bit of time, but I'm pleased to report that even with all this rain we've been having in the UK, the roof repairs I carried out seem to be holding up :)

I would recommend that rubberised paint to anyone, it really seems to do the trick. The only word of caution I would add is that you need to ensure every thing is completely dry, with no trapped moisture before you apply the paint, otherwisethe moisture expands in direct sunlight, leaving you with a coupe of bulges here and there.

Other than than that it seems to work perfectly :)


mine has gone through a handful of 100+ degree days and no far no bubbles. now i wish i would have rubberized the entire tardis instead of just the roof! would have cost a fair amount though and it does add some texture


i spoke too soon. After another summer/winter the paint is peeling away from the undercoat at a bunch of spots