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Some finished shots of Volpone's TARDIS garden shed...

Started by Volpone, Jan 07, 2012, 08:27 pm

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I'm doing the opposite of 90% of people.  A lot of people make 1:7 (or whatever) models of the prop.  I'm making a 7:1 model of the model. ;) 

If you pay attention to the old Hartnell stories, the model has blue window panes (with a white phone panel).  For that matter, the miniatures all the way up to the Romana 2 era almost always have a white phone panel.  Never noticed it before I started posting here but there it is.  For that matter, IIRC in Space Museum, when the TARDIS is in the museum and the Doctor looks it over, it has blue windows because they used the model for the FX shot. 
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